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    RENOLIT donation projects 2022

    20 December 2022 - Once again this year, the RENOLIT Group donates to charitable organisations at Christmas time.

    Below you can find a selection of our regional and international donation projects: 


    RENOLIT SE, Worms donates to:

    Project „dementia guides“, Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. Worms

    The aim of the project is to promote a dementia-friendly community. Based on the philosophy of the person-centred approach to the care of people with dementia (Tom Kitwood), Malteser Worms would like to use this project to raise public awareness of the issue of dementia and to help cities and municipalities develop into dementia-friendly communities. At the same time, the aim is to support people with dementia and their relatives in everyday life, to enable them to participate in social life and thus to live independently for as long as possible. To this end, Malteser International trains so-called "dementia guides" in retail, gastronomy, public authorities, transport companies and public institutions. The training enables them to recognize signs of dementia behaviour, to deal appropriately with the person affected, to support relatives and to provide appropriate support services.,  

    Paediatric ventilators for Worms Hospital

    For parents, the birth of their child is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Unfortunately, not all births go according to plan. Various risks and external influences mean that in Germany about 20 per cent of all children are born two to three weeks and 5 per cent of children four to six weeks or even earlier than the expected date. Especially in the case of very immature premature babies, the lungs are not developed enough to breathe on their own. They then have to be artificially ventilated, as it is vital for their survival. Against this background, the Worms Hospital would like to acquire intelligent high-performance ventilators for premature babies from 300 grams.


    RENOLIT SE, Frankenthal donates to:

    Frankenthaler Tafeln

    The “Frankenthaler Tafel” is meant for all citizens with a low income. The “Frankenthaler Tafel” collects surplus, top quality food and spreads it to people in need in Frankenthal.,

    Street Doc

    Street Doc is a cooperative project providing health care for disadvantaged groups. Doctors and dentists offer free medical care at social hot spots in the city of Ludwigshafen and surroundings of the town. This offer is for homeless people, asylum seekers or people without medical insurance.


    RENOLIT Cramlington Limited, Cramlington donates to:

    The People’s Kitchen, Newcastle

    This charity supports homeless and vulnerable people in the local area and helps fight hunger and loneliness for people in need. They feed up to 300 vulnerable people per night and provide them with warm clothing and food parcels. Some RENOLIT Cramlington employees have volunteered at the centre during November, and we have employees volunteering there this week (they will be preparing meals, putting together food parcels etc.)

    We have also asked employees to bring in donations which we can take to the People’s Kitchen with us this week (warm coats, toiletries, food etc) and have received an overwhelming response so far from our very generous workforce.


    RENOLIT Ibérica, S.A., Sant Celoni donates to:

    Red Cross and the municipality of Sant Celoni

    RENOLIT Ibérica, S.A. donates to the Red Cross to support disadvantaged families in Sant Celoni.  Also they donate The municipality of Sant Celoni with its yearly sponsorship plan to pull forward outstanding projects for the town.


    RENOLIT Chile SPA, Valparaiso donates to:

    Proyecto del Colegio Pastoral

    This project is led by Fray Manuel, a local fireman, who manages to feed daily 80 families in need with the assistance of the local. Fray Manuel and a great team of volunteers cook a meal for 140+ people on a daily basis. For Christmas celebration, a special meal is made. This year, RENOLIT has donated a “pan de Pascua” (traditional Chilean cake for the holiday period) and a personal hygiene kit for each of the 80 families assisted by this project.


    RENOLIT Italia S.r.l., Padova donates to:

    My perfect mistake

    RENOLIT Italia donates to the association “My perfect mistake”, an association that wants to activate and support medical-scientifical research on mutation in the RBCK1 gene and Polyglucosan body myopathy type 1, to develop an effective cure that can eliminate or minimize the damages caused by that alteration.


    The company

    The RENOLIT Group is a globally active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other polymer solutions. With more than thirty production sites and sales units in over twenty countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1.279 billion in fiscal year 2021, the company with headquarters in Worms – around 70 km south of Frankfurt-am-Main – is one of the world’s leading plastic products manufacturers. Around 5,000 employees continue to further develop the knowledge and expertise gained from seventy-five years of business. ꟾ Facebook ꟾ LinkedIn ꟾ Instagram