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    New perspectives, new colours for RENOLIT REFACE

    RENOLIT presents the Colour Road Trend Report 2022/23 for facades

    20. October 2022 – Travelling is currently experiencing a comeback. The longing for trips to faraway places and modern escapism are more relevant than ever. RENOLIT is picking up on this momentum and taking the motto “Travelling into new dimensions“ from the Colour Road 2022/23 Trend Report further into the world of facades. Since 2017, Corporate Design Management has offered the Colour Road as an advisory service on trend colours and designs for customers and business partners, collected in the annual Colour Road Trend Report. Verena Mundle, Corporate Design Management Officer, has been involved in the process from the very beginning and, together with Somaiya Tunca, Marketing & Communication Manager, is now also developing the three trend themes for the facade sector.

    The Colour Road turns towards facade

    The three new trend worlds from the Colour Road 2022/23 DEEP OCEAN LEVEL, GROUND LEVEL and COSMOS LEVEL are inspired by wanderlust and the search for new adventures and new knowledge. Crossing personal boundaries, changing one's own perspective and opening up to new ways of seeing. RENOLIT presents how this can work in the outdoor area with the new colour collection for the facade area. The colours and designs of the RENOLIT REFACE renovation films are handpicked to capture the spirit of travel. Travelling into new dimensions takes its origin in the world's oceans, then ascends to earth before taking off into space.

    Diving into creativity and vitality 

    The mystical world of the oceans is especially captivating as a source of inspiration because it has not yet been fully explored and thereby holds a magical aura. It evokes atmospheric impressions of unfathomable depths and hidden treasures. It can be alluring, dangerous and terrifying - all at the same time.

    The picturesque interaction of light, water and waves in shades of green and blue provides the foundation for the visual implementation of DEEP OCEAN LEVEL for RENOLIT REFACE facade film. "DEEP OCEAN LEVEL is a colour palette that is particularly important to us", explains Verena Mundle, "the ocean as a habitat is crucial for our planet. DEEP OCEAN LEVEL is a homage to the oceans, which are so incredibly fascinating and still hold so many secrets. We bring this mystical essence to the surface and carry its special look out into the world above water with our RENOLIT facade film”.

    Sea more: Ocean-inspired facades in the DEEP OCEAN LEVEL

    The palette of trend colours ranges from intensive blue tones, a muted green with a touch of yellow called Seaweed, to the sophisticated golden hue Treasure. A grey teak wood décor and a natural stone décor complete the DEEP OCEAN theme and reflect the diversity of the ocean as a natural habitat and an inspiration for design. These trend colours are particularly suitable for buildings with a truly unique architecture. "We are thinking of flowing contours and shapes. Like stones that are surrounded by the flowing waves of the ocean. The trend colours are perfect for reflecting these wave-like movements on facades", adds Verena Mundle.

    The conscious experience of the earth through self-reflection

    In the next theme, the Colour Road Trend Report rises one dimension higher, to the GROUND LEVEL. RENOLIT draws inspiration from hikes and pilgrimages by people who want to reflect on the essentials of life. The purpose is to escape the turmoil of everyday life and immerse yourself in a grounding experience through movement. RENOLIT translates this harmonising effect from GROUND LEVEL into a particularly warm and atmospheric colour scheme for the self-adhesive renovation films of RENOLIT REFACE.

    "Walking is a great way to shift your mind and fundamentally change your perspective". Marketing & Communication Manager Somaiya Tunca is convinced that the facade films from GROUND LEVEL perfectly reflect the spirit of modern times. "We consciously chose colours and décors that radiate warmth and create a connection to earth. In times of the corona pandemic, the connection to nature has become even more important and in combination with the desire to travel, RENOLIT portrays the present mood of the market and society”, says Somaiya Tunca.

    GROUND LEVEL: Warm (colour) temperatures for facades

    "For the colour combinations, it was important to us that every combination leads to a balanced and harmonious result. We chose the colours and designs with great attention to detail. The Pilgrim Shell colour, a balanced sandy beige with yellow undertones, was specially developed to complete the whole concept", Verena Mundle explains. "Lichen Green, a muted green, beautifully reflects the trend of returning to nature", Somaiya Tunca adds. RENOLIT REFACE also offers matching designs such as a warm brown oak décor and a bronze earthy brown stone décor, which together with a brown-red hue illustrate a soothing colour spectrum in GROUND LEVEL. The films are particularly suitable for buildings that want to make a statement about stability, freedom and resistance and need an expressive facade.

    Space, the final frontier

    "We may not be able to fulfil the dream of space travel, but we wanted to capture the essence of space voyages and make it accessible to all in our COSMOS LEVEL", explains Verena Mundle. The fascination that the universe holds for people awakens the imagination and inspires futuristic concepts in art, literature and architecture. Rocket-shaped skyscrapers, circular architectural silhouettes or residential buildings connected by smart technology - it seems like something out of a science fiction novel, but they can already be found in big cities today. This powerful vision of the future, or how it should be, is the essence of the colours and designs in COSMOS LEVEL. Most people today will probably not have the opportunity for space travel, but RENOLIT REFACE provides an alternative with COSMOS LEVEL.

    Somaiya Tunca: "This creates access to a topic that remains abstract for most people". COSMOS LEVEL plays with the associations that space evokes and translates them into a colour scheme that radiates power as well as the idea of infinite vastness and the adventurous journey through the cosmos.

    The COSMOS LEVEL, or: colours and designs bursting with cosmic energy

    Facades give buildings stability. They also make a statement. RENOLIT REFACE offers renovation films with colour schemes that, thanks to their neutral character, set no limits to the human creative imagination. COSMOS LEVEL therefore features colours in shades of grey and dark brown. The highlight of this colour scheme is the vibrant hue Mars, which, like its namesake planet, is charged with energy and gives facades an rich orange shade. With a dark oak tone in wood optic and an eye-catching stone design in elegant anthracite nuances, there are many possibilities to bring the futuristic COSMOS LEVEL into the urban landscape of the modern world.


    Facade film that works: RENOLIT REFACE

    The multi-layered and resistant facade film RENOLIT REFACE has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of large-area coverings of metal facades, HPL panels and aluminium cassettes. The characteristics of this product ensure that a facade can be renewed not only easily, but also water-resistant. The RENOLIT REFACE selection has now been extended to include facade-optimised colours that blend harmoniously into the new trend worlds as part of the latest Colour Road Trend Report.


    The full colour range in authentic quality

    How colours are perceived on facades depends on the material, the environment and, above all, the exposure to light. RENOLIT refers here to research results from Natural Colour System®©, which prove that the actual colour impression on the facade can deviate from the original colour pattern. The perceived colour seems lighter, with fewer black components, and it appears more intense. Facades cover large surfaces, so an authentic representation of colour is essential. RENOLIT REFACE trend colours take this nuance shift into account and incorporate it. The films contain a higher proportion of black, are less colourful and the colour remains authentic even after the application to the building exterior.


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