Technologiezentrum München

    Facade design technology company near Munich

    Customer wishes are writ large at RENOLIT-31,000 m² large, to be exact. At the request of a technology company based south of Munich in the spring of 2017, RENOLIT developed an extension to the well-known RENOLIT REFACE range: Wood decor foils. After almost two years of development work in the laboratory and on the printing press, it was possible to apply an approx. 100 m² test foil to one of the customer's twelve buildings, which deceptively reproduced wood in the printed image and corresponded to the customer's ideas in terms of coloring. The problem of bonding to the heavily weathered substrate was also solved during the work in the technical center.


    One year later, during which time the film was exposed to extreme weather conditions with temperatures ranging from snowy -15°C to sunny +38°C, this tough test was positively completed.

    Now the task was to prepare a bid which, on this scale, presented a completely different challenge from the buildings that had been foiled in the previous five years, which had areas of 300 to 1,500 m².

    • Here, the area was 20 times larger. 
    • A huge number of different formats of the facade panels required precise calculation of the production of different film sizes, as otherwise considerably larger quantities of offcuts could have been produced.
    • Of the total 31,000 m², more than 5,000 m² had to be bonded overhead.
    • The undersides, which had to be covered overhead, were fastened with a large number of rivets.
    • The design of some buildings required special cherry pickers to reach the areas to be foiled.
    • Roof overhangs with undersides protruded into the adjacent lake area, so that scaffolding had to be placed in the lake
    • Plants on many facade surfaces were climbing up to 10 m on climbing ropes and had to be removed for filming without damaging them.
    • Office containers and sanitary facilities for the assembly personnel (up to 25 fitters at a time) had to be set up.
    • An electricity and water supply had to be installed. 

    These were just some of the many challenges that arose on this major construction site. The order was placed in July 2019 and work could already begin in August 2019. Installers from the certified bonding partner Ude Folierungskonzepte received several days of intensive training in the bonding of the RENOLIT REFACE film to the heavily weathered substrate. The RENOLIT REFACE film, which was already available in larger quantities, was cut into different widths by Ude Folierungskonzepte in order to be able to react flexibly to the many available dimensions. It was possible to work until the end of October and the condition inspections (partial acceptances) of foiled building parts, which were carried out almost daily in conjunction with the customer, were very satisfactory during this period.


    By increasing the workforce to 25 fitters at times and working with protective masks where necessary or required by the customer, all foiling work was completed by the end of August 2020.


    Project name: Technology company in the south of Munich


    Color: Country Oak

    Area: 31.000 m²