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Tunnel: Excavated

    Tunnel: Excavated

    The use PVC-P geomembranes as a waterproofing for tunnels under water pressure is a sophisticated and safe technology to protect the construction against destructive influences of the water.

    With the development of the new high speed railway tracks, tunnels became longer and the challenge for the waterproofing system became higher. Many of these tunnels are exposed to high water pressure and it has to be sure that the waterproofing system is adapted to such strain.

    It is important to use high quality geomembranes in thickness superior to 2,0mm as the puncturing resistance of the geomembrane rises exponential with increasing thickness. Also the bottom of the tunnel is receiving a complete waterproofing. The whole waterproofing system has to be adapted as it is not excluded that the geomembrane will not be punctured during the construction work. Therefore compartments with water stops and injection hoses minimize repair costs in case of a damage of the waterproofing 


    The RENOLIT Group has the right product to make your project watertight against the negative influences of water. The technical service is also available to you in finding the right technical solution for your waterproofing task. This combination should help you to offer a satisfying work to your client.

    To have more detailed information about how to execute the waterproofing of tunnels under water pressure, see the document about “Waterproofing of Tunnels under water pressure”.

    Depending on the application, RENOLIT can offer the right membrane for the right purpose

    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN PVC-P geomembranes


    A geomembrane with signal layer following RVS 8T (Austria), DS853


    An opaque geomembrane following RVS 8T- Austria


    A translucent geomembrane with Avis Technique - France


    A black geomembrane (bitumen resitant)


    Please contact our civil engineering departement to find a solution for your waterproofing project

    Our waterproofing membranes for tunnels can be installed on a wet surface. This means that a strict and fast waterproofing can be guaranteed within the timing of a project.

    Since over 30 years RENOLIT ALKORPLAN geomembranes are used as lining material for tunnels under water pressure on nearly all continents of the world. Their quality, weld ability, flexibility and reliability are estimated by all users of our geomembranes.

    The geomembranes of RENOLIT are corresponding to the most important standards as:

    • DS 853, ZTV Tunnel - Germany
    • Heft 365, RVS 8T - Austria
    • SIA 280 - Switzerland
    • Avis Technique - France

    Ask for the agreements you need to our technical department.




    Download icon Waterproofing of tunnels under infiltrating water EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
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    Download icon Waterproofing under water pressure
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
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    Technical datasheets

    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35034 TDS EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    258 KB
    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35036 TV TDS EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    238 KB
    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35036 bp TDS EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    395 KB
    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35036 T TDS EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    260 KB
    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35041 EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    244 KB
    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35041 B1 Certification TDS EN
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    115 KB


    Download icon DOP RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 350340713
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    57 KB
    Download icon DOP RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 350360713
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    57 KB
    Download icon DOP RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 350410713_1
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    57 KB


    Download icon Specification of tunnels under infiltrating water
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    1 MB

    The main qualities or our products:

    • Durability
    • Weldability
    • Flexibility
    • Reliability
    • Versatility


    General downloads & certificates

    PDF IconISO 9001 2017-2020 EN
    PDF iconDocument (pdf)
    260 KB
    PDF IconISO 14001 2017-2020 EN
    PDF iconDocument (pdf)
    269 KB
    PDF IconCertificate of conformity membranes
    PDF iconDocument (pdf)
    255 KB
    PDF IconCertificate of conformity polymeric geosynthetic layer
    PDF iconDocument (pdf)
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