RENOLIT Premier Matt

    RENOLIT Premier Matt


    We have taken our high-tech 1D, 2D and 3D RENOLIT PET Laminates and RENOLIT Thermolaminates for use in the kitchen, furniture and caravan
    industry to the next level.

    RENOLIT Premier Matt films are finished with an exclusive *Physical Surface Treatment technology which combines smart solutions, high quality design and outstanding properties. The matt aesthetic appearance of this new thermoplastic film creates a classic and yet modern contemporary finish: Premier Matt creates trendsetting surfaces for the furniture and caravan industry as well as for special kitchen components.


    Advantages of Premier Matt

    Scratch resistant

    Reduces day to day scratches occurring keeping your furniture looking like new for longer.

    Easy to clean

    Simply wipe away cooking splashes and spills with the wipe of a cloth and a mild detergent. Even dried on spills are easy to remove.


    Greasy and sticky finger marks no longer spoil the clean lines of your kitchen, just buff with
    a soft dry cloth for the ultimate clean.

    Stain and chemical resistant

    Coloured food spills no longer linger, our product is tested according to European standards against a long list of typical foods and liquids. 

    Premier Matt Sample Ordering

    RENOLIT PET Laminates Premier Matt

    RENOLIT Thermolaminates

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