Customer Specific Development Support

RENOLIT has already introduced for several market applications specialized  films based on own development.
These product have become successful on global  scale enabling our customer base to develop new generations of superior products for optimal healthcare support.

In addition RENOLIT has been the partner for outsourced film or compound production based on propriety  developments of our partners.
Based on the RENOLIT processing expertise and available technology RENOLIT offered its partner a cost efficient outsouring option.
This is allowing the partner to move from own investment in machine capacity (Capex)  to high quality supply against optimal costs having only OPEX

Finally RENOLIT is open for joined development projects.
As such we have a dedicated group of specialized polymer and process engineers capable to start early stage development with the aim to a timely and successful  market launch of your end product.
Please consider RENOLIT as your partner for future development projects.