RENOLIT Group Among the Top 200 Family-Controlled Companies

The RENOLIT Group belongs to the top 200 family-controlled companies in Germany in terms of sales according to a survey of the 500 largest family-controlled companies published in the German business magazine “Wirtschaftsblatt”. The ranking is based on 2010 sales. The RENOLIT Group, with sales of EUR 785 million, was ranked 185th among the Top 500 family-controlled companies in Germany. The Frankenthal-based RKW Group, which also belongs to the Müller family was ranked 204th.

In its evaluation, the “Wirtschaftsblatt” emphasized the importance of family-controlled companies in Germany. In its ranking, family-controlled companies included those in which one or more families fully owned the company or held a controlling majority and those in which the family exercises influence on the management of the company. The magazine characterized such companies as nuggets in the German economy and the stable economic backbone of the nation. Family-owned companies are the dominant company form in Germany. 92 % of German companies are in this category. They generate 51 % of all sales and employ about 60 % of all employees. In 2010, all Top 500 family-controlled companies in Germany together generated sales three times larger than total Federal tax and administrative income.