FAQ - Product

    Which type of film is RENOLIT REFACE?

    RENOLIT REFACE is a calandered film.

    What are the dimensions of a RENOLIT REFACE roll?

    • Roll Width: 130 cm

    • Roll Length: 50 m

    • Roll Weight: ca. 25 kg

    • Roll Thickness : 160 µm incl. adhesive

    • Grammage: 180 g/m2

    Where can RENOLIT REFACE be applied?

    RENOLIT REFACE is suitable for inside and outside applications.

    What does the adhesive consist of?

    It is a high-performance acrylic adhesive with air release technology for bubble-free adhere.

    Which surface does RENOLIT REFACE have?

    The surface of RENOLIT REFACE is embossed and thus appears lightly structured.
    RENOLIT REFACE has a silk-matt surface gloss at 60° ca. 8-12%.

    What delivery time can be expected?

    Stock colours: depending on availability 1 weekfor

    special colors delivery time by arrangement

    Is there a minimum order quantity?

    Stock Colours: 65 m2
    Special Colours: 400 m2

    FAQ - Handling

    What is the processing temperature of RENOLIT REFACE?

    +10°C bis +30°C for the film
    +10°C bis +40°C for ground temperature

    What is the temperature resistance of the film?

    The temperature resistance  -30°C bis +80°C.

    Which substrates are tested and approved?

    RENOLIT REFACE can be applied flat and smooth, lacquered or non lacquered surfaces, such as metal, aluminium or HPL.
    Individual case examination is absolutely needed.

    Which tools are required?

    The following tools are required: felt squeegee, cleaner, primer, force measurement device high-quality cutter, tape measure, isopropyl-water mixture (70:30).

    Which cleaner is recommended after application of the film?

    Water and dish soap.

    What is about sealants?

    Sealants cannot be pasted over. Thus, only use approved sealants.

    In which cases do you provide lacquers?

    For deep joint an application is not possible. For that case we offer a matching lacqure for colour adjustment.

    Are there certified processors?

    Yes, we certify processors in all of Germany and recommend those.

    Is it possible to remove the film?

    Yes, RENOLIT REFACE can be removed.

    Can I apply the film by myself?

    RENOLIT REFACE can be applied after a specific training by RENOLIT.

    How is the handling with screws and rivets?

    Existing screws and rivets have to be exchanged. 

    FAQ - Colours

    What are the guarantees for uni and metallic colours?

    We provide a guarantee of 10 years.

    Is a request for a desired colour feasible?

    Yes, a desired colour is feasible, details must be discussed individually.

    With which technology are the colour tones of RENOLIT REFACE equipped?

    In order to reach a reduction of the surface temperature of about 10°C by IR reflecting elements RENOLIT REFACE colour tones are equipped with the so called SST Technology (Solar Shield Technology).

    FAQ - Technique

    Is it possible to remove the film from substrates?

    Even though, RENOLIT REFACE was developed to be permanently adhesive, the film can be removed from many substrates after heating the ground as well as the film itself.

    How is the fire behaviour of RENOLIT REFACE?

    The film is flame resistant (B1) of not flammable substrate.
    Classification: C; d 0, s1 gem. EN 13501-1

    How is the adhesion of the film?

    The adhesive strength is higher than 15N/25mm after 24 hours.

    Is a CE label required?

    No, there is no standard existing.

    Is a safety data sheet required?

    No, RENOLIT REFACE is to use as a finished product.

    Is RENOLIT REFACE REACH compliant?

    RENOLIT REFACE is a "manufacture" and therefore not in REACH. The raw material that RENOLIT REFACE consists of are REACH compliant.

    How ist the diffusion behavior of RENOLIT REFACE?

    RENOLIT REFACE is breathable towards steam with a SD value of 3,88 m
    (explanation: SD=1 means open, SD=100 means not open).