Colour Road 21/22


    The energy flow of being touched, shown aff ection and closeness, nourishes us humans. Touches lower our cortisol levels and therefore our stress levels. Touches therefore calm us down and give us a feeling of security. In human development, touch experiences are tremendously important in order to experience the limits of one’s own body and one’s own identity. The need for touch varies according to cultural background and may also be individually different. Our sense of touch helps us to grasp our world. It comprises a wide range of receptors that are distributed on and in our skin. They allow us to constantly feel touch, pressure, tension and temperature and pass this information on to our central nervous system.

    In view of the unplanned global field trial, in which billions of people are currently experiencing isolation and social distancing, the design of the environment must take the deeply human need to be touched into account. We have responded to the desire for contact during this time with the themes of Colour Road 2021/22: The first theme “ELEMENTS” is about structures from nature with their blue and green impulses. The neutral trend world “FUNDAMENTAL” shows us surfaces that are connected to the material itself. The third theme “STATEMENT” with its skin, brown and red tones enriches us by creating surface experiences.
    Let yourself be touched by the new Colour Road 2021/22!


    A natural and vibrant look: facades for the senses

    The elements: we are surrounded by them on a daily basis, they calm and inspire us. Looking at the sky or at the water allows us to breathe again, it stimulates our senses. At the same time, the earth gives us the feeling of coming home. The new colours from RENOLIT REFACE also express this dynamic: Jakarta Teak, Mountain Pine, Brilliant Blue, Steel Blue and Urban Grey give a natural and vibrant look to every facade.

    The appeal is in the synergy of opposites. Thus, Mountain Pine has a warm, natural radiance, the organic lines of the grain soothe the eye. Deep Steel Blue, on the other hand, transports us mentally to distant horizons, evoking associations with the immensity of the sea. The creative combination of colours and décors produces an original, sensuous environment.


    Striking surfaces that ground us

    The ground is the foundation on which something can develop. It conveys a sense of security and well-being. It is the place to which we can always return. The texture of untreated structures grounds us, centres us – by touching the trunk of a tree or turning a stone over in our hands, for example. The RENOLIT REFACE facades in Urban Beige, Country Oak, Pure White and Slate Grey radiate a great sense of familiarity and reliability.

    This also extends to whoever is looking at these facades. A Country Oak facade conveys resilience and stability. If the décor is arranged in a mix of horizontal and vertical surfaces, it creates a completely new, vibrant design. It represents an urban base: somewhere from which we can venture forth yet always return to the perfect refuge.


    Individual buildings that make an impression

    Making a statement means expressing oneself. In fashion, it means drawing attention to a whole outfit through one striking detail. Manifesting individuality without swimming in the mainstream. Attracting the gaze of others, holding it, even enjoying it. This is also how the RENOLIT REFACE facades in Country Oak Brown, Urban Bronze, Urban Anthracite or Brown Red are to be interpreted: they make a statement about a building – a pause, an eye-catcher.

    Not flashy, but rather charming and refined. The combination of Urban Anthracite and Brown Red is a true statement: the grey embodies depth and character, the red tone expresses personality and self-confidence. Such facades make us curious and raise the question: who is hiding behind them?