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    With their application self-adhesive for the accurate placement and application of self-adhesive, plotted signage or logos, RENOLIT literally makes a mark. The company also offers proven solutions in the automotive area with products such as underfloor calendered films.

    • Application Tapes
      Accurate placement and application of self-adhesive, plotted signage or images.
    • Films for Adhesive Tapes for industrial applications
    • Isolation tapes for home and industrial apllications

    RENOLIT transparent films provide perfect surface protection for numerous applications such as posters, digital prints, books or vehicle paint finishes. 

    Due to their consistent high quality and their perfect lay-flat RENOLIT films have excellent process ability on coating machines. This makes them the Premium product for self-adhesive applications.

    Protection of different prints like pictures, posters, point of purchase (POP) graphics, promotional graphics and trade show.

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