How to save money in transportation? With our lightweight RENOLIT GORCELL panels you can save weight and costs! 

    Massimiliano Fogliati Product Manager RENOLIT GORCELL

    The product

    RENOLIT GORCELL is a honeycomb sandwich which combines composite skins with a hexagonal honeycomb structure. 

    The honeycomb core can be combined with surface materials of various kinds:

    •    high impact film
    •    decorative films
    •    scratch protector
    •    non-woven materials
    •    fabrics 
    •    other special layers


    Core Thickness: 5, 10, 15 or 20 mm

    Standard Panels

    Our standard solutions for Roll Container


    Developed for extreme impact resistance, given by special PP skins. 

    Skin Material

    The hight impact skin is a composite material made of polypropylene highly stretched fibers, which is thermo-laminated onto the RENOLIT GORCELL core. 


    With its special RENOLIT TECNOGOR surface it offers you high impact resistance by being also lightweight

    Skin Material

    RENOLIT TECNOGOR is a composite material based on polyolefin and embedded glass fibers



    A RENOLIT GORCELL honeycomb core covered with RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK is our economical lightweight honeycomb panel for you

    Skin Material

    RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK is a wood plastic composite material produced by an extrusion process of polypropylene and natural fibers. The special wood plastic composite (WPC) skins can be provided with textile applied on the surfaces, depending on the surface material you want to add. The RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK skin is thermo-laminated onto the RENOLIT GORCELL honeycomb core. 


    You did not find the right solution? Besides our honeycomb panels we also have a wide range of PP composite sheets that can serve as a visual cover or a shelf insert for your roll container. Contact us and we will develop our material customized to your needs. 


    What makes our panel unique?

    • Especially lightweight
    • High impact resistance
    • Highly stable -> compressive strength ca. 0,8 MPa 
    • Water- & weather-resistant
    • Humidity & fungi resistant
    • Chemical resistant
    • Extremly durable
    • 100% recyclable 
    • Resource-efficient: less material usage because of the honeycomb core, complete inline production
    • Thermally malleable and bondable
    • Design variability

    What advantages can RENOLIT GORCELL offer you, which existing panels don‘t?

    • Especially lightweight
    • High impact resistance
    • Water- & weather-resistant
    • Humidity & fungi resistant
    • Chemical resistant



    Produced using ECONCORE technology.