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    A huge congratulation to our client ABEC, Inc. on the largest single-use bioreactor in the world

    2021-07-27 ⟩ Our client ABEC, Inc. designed, engineered and manufactured the largest single-use bioreactor in the world: It can hold a whopping 6,000 liters!

    We are also happy to support this effort with our RENOLIT Healthcare film 9101 in a custom width of 1,500 millimeters.

    The ABEC 6,000L CSR® single-use bioreactor is unique in the way that it leverages ABEC’s 45+ years of experience with stainless steel and brings it into the single-use world. This allows for the benefits of scale, namely the reduced cost of goods, as well as still maintaining the advantages of single-use, the quicker turnover and the reduced cleaning and qualification costs. The system is fully customizable as ABEC has the ability to design, engineer and manufacture all the parts in-house, allowing to customize things such as the vessel, the piping module and the automation system.

    To learn more about the ABEC 6,000L CSR® single-use bioreactor head over to this YouTube video:

    Together with ABEC we are supporting multiple industry leaders within the vaccine manufacturing market in their efforts to advance COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic antibodies. True to our tagline: Together Towards Health.

    Again, a big thumbs up 👍🏼 from the whole RENOLIT Healthcare team to ABEC. Together we bring healthcare to the next level!

    Together Towards Health – Together in Biotechnology