Colour Road 22/23


    Trends are a reflection of social themes and socio-cultural influences.

    The RENOLIT Colour Road trend service explores these topics in order to identify future trends well in advance and thereby offer guidance for product development.

    By working closely with colour designers and trend institutes around the world, our trend experts keep a close eye on global developments, allowing them to define future colour ranges for a wide variety of applications. The current Trend Report for RENOLIT EXOFOL products has a term of two years, in order to ensure that the new trend colours are well established in the window market, which is focused on the long term.

    The RENOLIT EXOFOL trend colours and decors are grouped into the themes "Deep Ocean Level" and "Cosmos Level". The first one features light and grey oak woods as well as blue and green tones, the second contains warm, rich brown tones and natural oak decors.

    So let's dive down into the depths of the oceans and reach new horizons.

    Deep Ocean Level

    Deep Ocean Level x RENOLIT EXOFOL


    There are only two ways to look at the world: Either you believe that nothing in the world is a miracle, or else that there is nothing but miracles. This is Albert Einstein‘s opinion.
    We have also chosen the latter and see the world as a miracle. And so we dive into the unfathomable, almost completely unexplored depths of the seas. 

    Light and medium brown oak woods, as well as restrained Black Blue and mystic Black, form long-lasting partnerships with these trend shades.

    Cosmos Level

    Cosmos Level x RENOLIT EXOFOL


    Colours are messengers and mediators of qualities. Mars is the herald of power, purposefulness, excitement, energy – after all, it shines brightly in the sky through its iron oxide, enveloped in water and ice. 

    The new brown tones or warm and medium brown oak decors bring coziness and have an inviting and homely effect. Dark Red and our Cayenne Oak are an absolute eye catcher in a neutral ambience and make modern exterior design something special.

    Trend Video

    Exterior Solutions presents the trend themes 22/23 - Deep Ocean Level and Cosmos Level.