Klinikum Worms

    Pharmacy Building, Hospital Worms

    The building in Worms dates back to the 1970s and has a classic facade with curtain-wall metal panels. The paint showed clear signs of chalking, which are typical for this type of surfaces. Moreover was the paint extremely faded caused by the weather. The overall impression of the facade showed that a renovation was needed.

    Since the original colour scheme had to be retained, the typical colour “curry yellow “was specially adjusted. Within fifteen days RENOLIT REFACE was applied without any interruptions of the daily use of the building. The unique character of the building could be maintained while giving the building a new and clean appearance.

    Name of Project: Renovation Pharmacy Building

    Worms Hospital Product: RENOLIT REFACE

    Colour: Curry Yellow

    Facade: Coated aluminium panels from the 1970s Surface

    Area: 500m2

    Photographer: Christian Buck, Heidelberg