Smooth-surfaced products such as metal cassettes, aluminum composite materials or comparable metal components are preferred as cladding elements for facades. They usually obtain their surface protection and coloration by means of a coating applied by the coil coating process. The process is designed for large production volumes per unit and operates at high throughput speeds and temperatures. 

    One weak point is that constant color changes are too costly, so that small color runs cannot be produced economically with this process. At the same time, the trend towards color design diversity is increasing significantly, so that demand for quantities of less than 500 square meters is rising continuously. RENOLIT is therefore working on a coating system that is tailored both to small production batches.

    The idea of RENOLIT DURAFOL

    The idea of RENOLIT DURAFOL

    RENOLIT DURAFOL is a film for lamination of metal coils for further processing as cassettes or panels.

    With the new system, cladding elements made of metal can be produced in small batch sizes with different surfaces, so that even smaller objects such as single-family houses and extensions can be individually designed or architectural accents can be set. The coating can be reproduced in detail in all available colors and decors; an addition to the selected system - for example for subsequent extensions - is possible at any time. Any damage can also be repaired directly on the object without dismantling.


    What makes RENOLIT DURAFOL special


    Wide range of product variations (decors, many colors)


    Fast delivery


    Offer small batch sizes



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