RENOLIT BENDIT is a cladding panel for synthetic window construction, consisting of an aluminum composite sheet with a newly developed laminated film on top of it. You can slowly bend RENOLIT BENDIT with no whitening break, thanks to the specific foil formulation. First you mill a V-shaped groove in the back of the sheet to then give it the specific shape you desire.

    How is RENOLIT BENDIT processed and installed?

    For detailed information on the processing and installation of RENOLIT BENDIT, please refer to the processing guideline, which is available on our website


    Where to purchase RENOLIT BENDIT?

    RENOLIT BENDIT is available at one of the leading German building hardware dealers, Fa. Nüßing GmbH in Verl. Fa. Nüßing is represented in 15 locations all over Germany.

    In which colors and decors is RENOLIT BENDIT available?

    RENOLIT BENDIT is currently available in those 10 colors and decors that RENOLIT sells most frequently in Germany. The list of colors and decors is given in the processing guideline. The available range of colors and decors will be extended step by step. 
    A new addition to the range is a pre-series product in "window white". For this purpose, the „whitening-break-free“ film was adjusted in a color similar to RAL 9016 and is available with a satin embossing to match the different white tones and gloss levels of the leading vinyl window system houses as far as possible. 


    Is RENOLIT BENDIT available in all RENOLIT EXOFOL film qualities (EXOFOL MX, PX, FX)?

    No, RENOLIT BENDIT is available exclusively with the film variant modified for cold forming. However, the selected colors and decors correspond exactly to the original decors of the RENOLIT EXOFOL qualities.

    In which panel dimensions is RENOLIT BENDIT available?

    1.250 x 2.800 x 4,2 mm

    Is RENOLIT BENDIT also available in other dimensions?

    With AVP Bendit Solution GmbH in Hattingen, the window industry has access to a fabrication service provider offering RENOLIT BENDIT blanks and finished RENOLIT BENDIT facings.

    Can RENOLIT BENDIT also be purchased abroad?

    RENOLIT BENDIT is currently only available in Germany. 
    Nevertheless, it is planned to provide RENOLIT BENDIT also in the Netherlands and Belgium with the country-specific colors and decors by 2022.

    In which number of units is RENOLIT BENDIT available?

    RENOLIT BENDIT is offered as a single panel in cardboard packaging. Larger quantities, e.g. for the contract sector, are also available without individual packaging on request.

    What does RENOLIT BENDIT cost?

    The RRP of RENOLIT BENDIT is 245,- € / panel net, object requirements on request.

    Which bending angles are possible with RENOLIT BENDIT?

    Stepless up to and including 90°.

    Are inner corners also possible with RENOLIT BENDIT?

    Yes, although this also requires the identical V-groove milling.

    What tools are required for processing RENOLIT BENDIT?

    A leveled work table, a panel saw or hand-held circular saw, a router with finger cutter or a panel cutter with disc cutter.

    Are there suitable equipment for the professional installation of RENOLIT BENDIT?

    The RENOLIT BENDIT sales program includes a mechanical fastening system with bolts color-matched to the RENOLIT BENDIT basic colors. The functional principle of the fastening system to prevent film displacement is shown in the following video: RENOLIT BENDIT LT XT System DE EN - Befestigungssystem - Fastening System - YouTube

    Which documents are available for RENOLIT BENDIT?

    - Brochure
    - Processing guideline
    - Tender texts
    - Assembly instruction
    - Processing video
    - Description and video Functional principle of fastening system

    All documents are available in the download area of our website.