RENOLIT 3D Thermolaminates

RENOLIT thermoplastic 3D films are ideal for the three-dimensional shaping and wrapping of furniture, design objects and shop fittings or wall or ceiling elements. RENOLIT 3D Thermolaminates can be shaped and cut to suit any carrier material and offer a wide range of surface and texture options. Classic 3D Thermolaminates offer a wide range of wood-effect, single-colour and patterned finishes.Premier 3D Thermolaminates boast even more additional features. These films have deep embossing, a realistic feel and metallic effect. Selected décors can be produced using synchronous EIR (“Embossed in Register”) technology. The synchronous pore EIR method creates a natural wood finish in virtually any shade or colour tone. There is also a full range of single-colour options available in both high-gloss and metallic finishes.

Robust smooth elegance – RENOLIT Premier Matt thanks to PST technology.


Discover how to 3D-thermoform our films!



mechanical strength

Stain resistant




RENOLIT 3D Thermolaminates   
Applications: furniture, kitchens, shops and commercial property
Availability:  over 250 decor options in stock - many more as MTO on customer request
Material: PVC
Processing type: 3D Thermoforming
Properties: flexibility, mechanical strength , stain-resistant, fade-resistant, thermoformable
Surface: MDF
Appearance: wood and solid colours with special shine and tactile effects, various matt effects and high gloss options
Roll length: 250 linear metres (standard roll)
Delivery: minimum one roll



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