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    RENOLIT CORAL is a clear, self-adhesive, slip-resistant (up to R13) and wear-resistant film for decks, stairways and wherever there is a danger of slipping. The glass beads and granules integrated into the slip-resistant film increase safety in vessels both for interior and exterior application.


    • 3D application
    • Flexible anti-corrosion: unaffected by substrate dilatation 
    • Different glass granularity grades
    • Anti-slip (up to R13)

    RENOLIT CORAL - The Advantages at a Glance

    Easy Preparation

    • No masking of surrounding surfaces, no overspray

    Simple Application

    • Can be applied at temperatures between 10 and 30 °C  and in high humidity zones
    • Ready and easy-to-apply (no component mixing, no pot life)
    • No risk of flammability (maintenance jobs can be done in parallel)
    • “Instant functionality” delivered (one layer, no curing time)

    Better Surface Protection

    • Different anti-slip ratings up to R13 (highest level)
    • Resistant to abrasion, scratches and aging  (colour and gloss retention)
    • Efficient protection through uniform thickness and constant quality
    • Can absorb surface dilatation
    • Up to 2 years functionality

    Saves Time

    • No masking of surrounding surfaces, no overspray
    • Maintenance work (welding) can be done in parallel
    • No drying time
    • Quick and easy repairs with film patches 

    Harmless to Humans and the Environment

    • No volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released
    • Easier Heath Safety Environment (HSE) management
    • Easier and cheaper waste management

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