RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3010 Printed liner

    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3010 printed liners have the same characteristics of strength, flexibility, materials and pigments of high quality as the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN1010 range, but in this range, the liner is protected by a thick layer of special formulation lacquer that lines the liner, both on the front and the rear. In this way the liner is protected against scratches, scratches, chemicals and the aggressive ultraviolet rays of the sun, thus avoiding the premature aging of the liner and extending its life noticeably.

    On the other hand, the lacquer also present on the back of the liner, hinders the formation of fungi or algae that may appear between the floor and walls of the vessel and liner. Milds caused by the moisture that may be present in the soil can penetrate the liner, causing black spots on the liner.

    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3010 printed liners are available in different patterns in 210cm wide rolls.


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