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    RENOLIT ALKORFOL is a decorative PVC film for surface design applications. The film is ideal for use in mobile homes and on furniture, stereo speakers and in interior design applications. It can be applied in a variety of ways, using flat or sheet lamination or using a wrapping or folding technique. As a standard lamination film, RENOLIT ALKORFOL also comes in the following special versions: RENOLIT ALKORFOL + (with additional scratch-resistant top coat), RENOLIT ALKORFOL P (with wear-resistant dual-layer construction), RENOLIT ALKORFOL P+ (with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant top coat), RENOLIT ALKORFOL DRAWER (for wrapping around drawer frames) and RENOLIT ALKORFOL BALANCE (for laminating onto the rear sides of furniture).

    RENOLIT ALKORFOL is best suited to decorative wall design, with impressive ease of processing, good mechanical characteristics such as resistance to abrasion and scratches, and stain resistance. A wide choice of designs and textures make highly attractive, individual walls possible.


    Its properties make RENOLIT ALKORFOL the ideal product for the use in the decorative finishing of wall panels.


    mechanical strength