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RENOLIT Modernisation Films - Furniture

    RENOLIT Modernisation Films

    These self-adhesive films based on RENOLIT ALKOREN and RENOLIT COVAREN are designed for coating and modernisation projects on larger interior surface areas. They are easy to apply even on angled or curved surfaces. Whether you are coating a wall, door or a piece of furniture, you can modernise virtually any interior object without risking getting it messy during application.  There are more than 100 different easy-to-apply wood-effect décors and single-colour films in high-gloss, super-matt and suedette-matt finishes to choose from – so you can get on with your modernisation project without interruptions. The films deliver an OEM-standard finish, guaranteeing a result that looks and feels exactly as envisaged. Specialist companies can install modernisation films from RENOLIT on a range of plastic surfaces and HPL and CPL products.

    With the new RENOLIT Modernisation Films, furniture can be renovated professionally to its original quality, creating attractive visual and tactile effects. The self-adhesive films are therefore ideally suited to modernising furnishings.


    Due to it's excellent properties RENOLIT Modernisation Films are predestined for furniture renewal.



    mechanical strength



    RENOLIT Modernisation Films 
    Applications:walls, doors, furniture
    Availability: from stock
    Processing type:self-adhesive
    Properties:self-adhesive, flexible, mechanical strength, stain-resistance, fade-resistance
    Surface:standard plastic surfaces such as HPL, CPL, other surfaces available on request
    Appearance:wood and plain colours with special shine and tactile effects, various matt effects and high gloss option
    Roll length:13 linear metres, other lengths on request
    Delivery:minimum 1 roll


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