New collaboration

    RENOLIT has joined together with the German adp f+z.  The specialist dealer now sells the building foil RENOLIT REFACE.

    The German adp f+z will in future sell the facade foil RENOLIT REFACE. In this interview, Harm Reimers, Head of German adp f+z, and Stefan Schmatz, Head of Sales Facade at RENOLIT, answer questions about the future cooperation.

    Wennaël Würmli: For which reasons did you decide to distribute RENOLIT REFACE?

    Harm Reimers: After I took over the management of the German adp in August 2018, I changed the strategic direction of the company towards the distribution of branded products. We have completely dedicated ourselves to the distribution of branded goods. We want to work with our suppliers on a long-term basis based on trust, and not compete with them.
    In parallel, we are beginning to combine products for use in and on buildings, such as UV, thermal and shatter protection, as well as interior furnishings from Avery Dennison, 3M and Madico, in our "Building" sales project. RENOLIT REFACE will be an anchor product for us in this. RENOLIT is the most important manufacturer of calendered polymeric films and it is more than an honor for us to be able to distribute this facade film. Together with RENOLIT, we will be able to offer training courses on processing and thus expand not only our expertise, but also that of our customers.

    Wennaël Würmli: What do you appreciate about the product?

    Harm Reimers: RENOLIT REFACE has everything a top product needs: it is produced in Germany, it has a multilayer structure, and it has a robust and at the same time easy-to-clean surface as protection against soiling. Due to the transparent acrylate layer in the film structure, the film remains stable to weathering for at least ten years. It can be applied to all smooth substrates. There is a wide range of colors and color matching is also possible. The functionality is convincing: up to 1.5 meter roll width, flame retardant and bubble-free installation thanks to Air Release technology.

    Wennaël Würmli: What sets you apart as a company?

    Harm Reimers: We are a pure brand supplier. With us, customers get in the box what's on the outside. But our most valuable asset is our employees. We employ a lot of skilled workers who can do professional film wrapping themselves and have done so in their previous lives. We have advertising technicians and industrial foremen for digital printing in the sales department. We also have a colleague in the warehouse who has worked in advertising technology for many years. We also have colleagues who have been with us for ten years or more and have built up an enormous wealth of experience. It is important to me that we can provide our customers with competent support for their projects. That's why we work with field staff, so that we can also work on projects for and with customers on site. We have to and want to bring added value to our customers. We work on this every day.


    Wennaël Würmli: What characterizes RENOLIT REFACE as an innovative facade foil? What are the unique selling points?   

    Stefan Schmatz: It is a multilayer film with a long service life. It also stands out for its sustainability. You can read all the details on the product website. No dismantling of the facade is required for the renovation. If one decides to use our facade film for visual renovation, energy renovation is not required, as the film is classified as a "brush coating". RENOLIT REFACE has a self-cleaning property due to the film structure. As a result, rain washes dirt from the façade, thus reducing life cycle and maintenance costs.   


    Wennaël Würmli: What criteria do you use to select your partners? What does the certification process look like?             

    Stefan Schmatz: We look for partners who value quality and want to work with us to introduce this still new technology in facade and surface renovation to the markets. We want to get to know interested parties first and find out where their current focus lies and why they want to work with us. The certification, basic condition for a later GWL with objects, takes place on-line, Corona owed, or also locally. Here we show and explain the special features and details that need to be taken into account on the facade.

    Wennaël Würmli: What are the reasons behind the decision to use the German adp f+z as the sole trading partner for Germany?

    Stefan Schmatz: We appreciate the German adp as a reliable partner that has a comparable understanding of quality. Besides the availability from stock and a prompt delivery, the training of the employees as well as the close cooperation are clearly in the foreground.


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