Well advised - the full service of RENOLIT

    In the field of facade construction and maintenance Both property managers and service providers are familiar with the problems of metal facade parts fading and corroding over time. And even with other materials, cleaning over time no longer helps to maintain the desired appearance. Vandalism also remains a nuisance with graffiti that is difficult to remove. However, if the time has come for refurbishment, expensive construction measures are not always necessary to replace parts of the facade - foiling is an attractive and economical alternative to give facades a fresh look. The color brand identity can also be effectively brought into large format when moving into a new property.


    Industry insiders know that RENOLIT stands for high-quality film products for exterior, interior and industrial applications. Less well known is that the Worms-based company is not only a producer, but also a service provider. On request, the product is accompanied by comprehensive advice on how to achieve the best possible foiling result. Meeting individual customer requirements is the daily business of technical consultants like Rouven Schiedhelm. The 27-year-old has been an expert in film wrapping with RENOLIT REFACE for eight years and has been with the company since its market launch. He is permanently at the customer's side during the order, both for processing training and technical application questions as well as for on-site project support.

    His work usually begins when facades reach the end of their service life - as happened in the case of the property of a large, nationally active company in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is managed by Rudolf Ambruch Fassadenpflege GmbH, which was looking for a more durable facade solution for its customer. After the inquiry at RENOLIT and a first consultation, the foiling of a sample area of several square meters was agreed upon. However, the object presented a difficulty: With a length of 3.5 meters and a width of 1.25 meters, the individual elements of the facade were significantly larger than usual. Some panels were even oversized.

    The solution: To achieve a flawless result, the panels had to be bonded end to end with RENOLIT REFACE. With such a panel size, this requires a high level of skill, ability and practice. With the sample foiling, RENOLIT REFACE was able to convince both customer and processor. Markus Müller, project manager at Rudolf Ambruch Fassadenpflege GmbH, says about his experience with the high-performance film:

    "As a specialist company which has been dealing exclusively with quality-assured metal facade cleaning and renovation for many years, we discovered an excellent addition to our range of services in the product RENOLIT REFACE. It is characterized in particular by its excellent weather resistance and reduced dirt adhesion, which makes subsequent cleanings much easier and thus more cost-effective. After thorough training by the team of Rouven Schiedhelm, the film was also very easy to apply. We see the advantages of this product on existing facades in need of renovation and gladly introduce it to our customers."


    The remaining almost 300 m² of facade surface of the object could be completely foiled in just under two weeks of working time. Thanks to the teflon effect of the PVDF coating from RENOLIT REFACE, the facade not only has an industry-leading ten-year warranty, but will also be much better protected against soiling in the future.