Nature as a role model

    The new RENOLIT REFACE color and design trends are inspired by materials such as wood, stone or slate

    "ELEMENTS", "FUNDAMENTAL" and "STATEMENT" - under these three themes RENOLIT REFACE summarizes the facade trends 2021/22. With its Colour Road trend report, the film manufacturer provides designers and architects with inspiration and design ideas. The Colour Road is the result of comprehensive trend analyses by RENOLITdesign experts - they regularly determine which decors and colors will define the coming season. This year, warm brown tones that trace the natural grain of wood dominate, as do beige and gray tones that mimic stone and metal. Accents are set by strong blue tones as well as red and white full of character.

    ELEMENTS: Facades for the senses

    The elements surround us every day, calming and inspiring us. Sky and water let us breathe a sigh of relief, open our senses. Earth gives us the feeling of coming home. The new colors and decors Jakarta Teak, Mountain Pine, Brilliant Blue, Steel Blue and Urban Grey also express this dynamism. The appeal lies in the interplay of contrasts.

    The Mountain Pine and Jakarta Teak decors have a warm, natural look - they are based on the wood species pine and teak and are relaxing to the eye. Pine is particularly resistant, it grows in the mountains and by the sea. The tropical wood teak is durable and weather-resistant. The viewer also associates these qualities with the decors.

    Steel blue and brilliant blue take us into the distance, evoking associations with the infinity of the sea. The stone look of Urban Grey creates a beautiful contrast between the elements - analogous to heaven and earth.

    FUNDAMENTAL: Striking facades that ground us.

    The foundation is the ground on which something can be built. It conveys safety and security, just as the feel of a tree trunk or stone grounds us. Facades in Urban Beige, Country Oak, Pure White and Slate Gray exude a great sense of familiarity and reliability.

    Oak stands for durability - its robustness and even grain make it a favorite in home construction. A facade in Country Oak looks unwavering and stable. If the decor is arranged alternately horizontally and vertically, the result is a new, striking design.

    The trend color Slate Gray stands for an urban base that allows for rambles and at the same time marks a place of retreat. Slate is formed over millions of years from clay and mud masses. Urban Beige quotes the versatile limestone in its appearance. Pure white acts as a bright counterpart - the color scores with its naturalness.



    STATEMENT: Buildings that express individuality.

    Making a statement means expressing yourself. An eye-catching detail can draw attention to the entire work. The RENOLIT REFACE foils Country Oak Brown, Urban Bronze, Urban Anthracite or Brown Red attract attention without being obtrusive, but look charming and sophisticated.

    A real statement is the combination of Urban Anthracite and Brown Red: The decor in metallic gray embodies depth and character, while the mysterious shade of red signals individuality and self-confidence.

    Country Oak Brown also makes a strong statement: The dark, warm oak imitates the sensuality of flamed wood. Urban Bronze quotes shimmering metal structures with its shades - such surfaces arouse curiosity and raise the question: What is behind this facade?


    RENOLIT REFACE is a self-adhesive multi-layer film that can be used to change and renew the color of facades. The film is used on smooth facade panels and cassettes made of metal or aluminum.