Rétrécissement et thermoformage


    RENOLIT SHRINK films are transverse direction orientated (TDO) films - they shrink transversally when exposed to heat. At RENOLIT we offer two ranges of shrink film, one for the production of wine capsules and one for sleeve labels.

    All RENOLIT SHRINK films are food approved.



    Download iconTD 43 G
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    182 Ko
    Download iconTD 43 MG
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    165 Ko
    Download iconTD 45 G
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    166 Ko
    Download iconTD 45 MG
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    166 Ko


    Download iconTD 50 P
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    263 Ko
    Download iconTD 57 S
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    269 Ko
    Download iconTD 66 S
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    558 Ko

    Quality assurance

    Throughout its history, RENOLIT PROFESSION has proven its commitment to quality. Our dedication, permanently moved and motivated by a desire for continuous innovation and improvement.

    RENOLIT PROFESSION guarantees that its production is performed respecting the highest standards of quality while also ensuring the regularity of its processes.

    Certified management system: quality, environment and health.

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • BS OHSAS
    • REACH compliant 1907/2006 European
    • RoHS directive compliance
    • No use of heavy metals
    • No use of phathalates
    • Food approval

    Our values: Highly Valued, innovative, reliability, cooperative and open-minded make it possible to offer our customers a wide array of possibilities that develop of the idea of the new film to production it.

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

    Francisco Lardies

    Francisco Lardies

    Sales Responsable. Capsules - Sleeps: woldwide / Stationary: Egypt and Maghreb

    Phone:+ 34 948 556 315
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