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    RENOLIT HEALTHCARE your global partner in medical polymers

    Two of our company values quality and reliability. Our experience in producing medical grade films and tubes goes back for more than 50 years.

    Each day we commit ourselves to secure high and constant quality you can rely on, because we care for people and health!

    Building the future with new innovative products, processes and services, in teamwork and together with our customers and suppliers.

    In 2018 we opened the RENOLIT Amsterdam Innovation Center: an inspiring place where we work at and develop future ready innovative solutions. 

    Our sales organization is dedicated to the RENOLIT HEALTHCARE products with sales managers for all global areas and agents for specific countries (Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia).

    Our customers operate in the medical and healthcare field, like pharmaceutical companies, medical device and system manufacturers and medical bag makers. 

    RENOLIT HEALTHCARE products are being manufactured in 7 production sites; five main sites and two complementary sites. 

    At these sites we develop and produce semi-finished products like medical grade films, tubes and granules.

    But also ports and caps to be used for the production of pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices like blood bags, bags for dialysis applications, bags for intravenous solutions, parental nutrition solutions, infusion and transfusion sets and films for biotech applications .

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    A promising career at an innovative and leading company in medical polymers?

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    Find out more about:

    Production technology of our RENOLIT SOLMED products

    RENOLIT HEALTHCARE’s SOLMED products have to have the highest quality in terms of  hygiene and cleanliness and have to meet the stringent requirements of the various Pharmacopoeias.The quality assurance system of the main production sites has been certified according to ISO 13485. Where possible Good Manufacturing Practices are used and many precautions are taken to ensure a clean and compliant production environment:

    • HEPA filtered air
    • positive pressure
    • specially validated clean room sections for critical products
    • clean room clothing, hair and beard covers, dedicated cleanroom shoes
    • insulated machine area
    • restricted entry with airlock
    • regular audits

    The operators are trained regarding Good Manufacturing Practices. The production equipment is custom made and specially designed to operate in a controlled environment.

    All products are packed in double polyethylene bags before leaving the production clean room. In a special packaging area, the products are packaged according to customer specifications and transported to the warehouse. The packaging is developed to minimize the risk of transport damage. Multi-roll carton boxes reduce the amount of packaging materials without compromising the packaging’s integrity. For long distance intercontinental shipments a specially developed packing system is used to protect the product and to optimize container loads.

    Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Traceability

    RENOLIT SOLMED products are used in the first steps in the production chain of life-saving medical devices and pharmaceutical systems. This implies that the maximum obtainable quality level of the final product is significantly influenced by the RENOLIT production phase.

    Our commitment therefore is to manufacture the best possible quality according to the specifications and requirements of our customers. The quality assurance system of the main production sites of RENOLIT HEALTHCARE is ISO 13485 certified to meet the pharmaceutical and medical device industry requirements.

    The RENOLIT SOLMED compounds have been developed in accordance with various international Pharmacopoeias in order to meet the strictest requirements for medical applications and medical grade raw materials are used.

    The RENOLIT SOLMED products are based on a unique and sensitive balance between choice of raw material, composition and processing conditions. Our documentation system guarantees full lot traceability down to a single roll of a single batch. All quality related documents, production records and test reports are stored for 6 years. To complete this unique single roll detailed traceability system samples of each individual roll are stored for 5 years.

    Raw materials and final products are thoroughly tested in our laboratory. The test results are registered on a Certificate of Compliance supplied with every batch of RENOLIT SOLMED material.

    Customer specific development support

    RENOLIT HEALTHCARE has already introduced for several market applications specialized  films based on own development.  These products have become successful on global scale enabling our customers to develop new generations of superior products for optimal healthcare support.

    In addition RENOLIT HEALTHCARE has been the partner for outsourced film or compound production based on propriety  developments of our partners. Based on the RENOLIT processing expertise and available technology RENOLIT offered its partner a cost efficient outsourcing option. This is allowing our partners to move from own investment in machine capacity (Capex)  to high quality supply against optimal costs having only OPEX.

    Finally RENOLIT HEALTHCARE is open for joined development projects. As such we have a dedicated group of specialized polymer and process engineers capable to start early stage development with the aim to a timely and successful  market launch of your end product. Please consider RENOLIT HEALTHCARE as your partner for future development projects.

    Regulatory affairs

    The regulatory function in healthcare related industries is vital in making safe and effective products available worldwide. The RENOLIT HEALTHCARE Regulatory Affairs department actively monitors developments and changes in (international) legislation, regulations and ISO standardisation. This is considered mandatory to ensures regulatory compliance.

    In order to enable our customers to register their end-users’ products, the packaging material Master File (DMF) for most of our products has been registered with the relevant National Health Authorities in many countries all over the world, including the USA. The open part of the DMF is available for applicant registration purposes. The closed authority part, which is strictly confidential, can be used as a reference after authorization is given.

    Most formulations have been extensively tested according to the European Pharmacopoeial, US Pharmacopoeial standards and the relevant ISO 10993 series tests. Copies of these test reports can be made available to our customers and to the final producer of the medical device or pharmaceutical product, to support their registration file.

    For assistance worldwide our RENOLIT HEALTCARE Regulatory Affairs department is at your disposal.

    As a producer of medical grade high value polymers, we are deeply involved in newest ideas for advanced healthcare solutions