RENOLIT at VETECO 2012 in Spain


RENOLIT EXTERIOR expands Metallic Range

Worms / Villatuerta / Madrid, 8 May 2012 – "VETECO is the Spanish market place for window and facade products and therefore also an ideal presentation platform for RENOLIT." After Óscar Mejías, the representative of Spanish subsidiary RENOLIT Hispania in Villatuerta, drew a positive balance after the premiere two years ago, the trade fair in Madrid once again was an item on the film specialist's 2012 schedule.

New ideas for crafts and design

"Open to new ideas" was this year's motto, reflected also in the transparently designed trade fair booth. Information on the business unit RENOLIT EXTERIOR, the current trend patterns on the Spanish market and six international highlights among the solid colours and woodgrains were presented to viewers on the few space-separating elements.

One of the new ideas referred to crafts. The company systematically focussed its decades of experience in film repair in the RENOLIT film service department. Now it conveys this know-how to interested window builders and system houses.

The strengths of the high-performance films RENOLIT EXOFOL MX and RENOLIT EXOFOL FX are in the combination of design and function. The two- or three-layer films extend the end products' service lives with their protective shield function. The different programmes comprise more than 100 colours and woodgrains, as well as many embossings.

Traditional metal components

RENOLIT EXTERIOR brought the entire Metallic Range, which also was the focus of the VETECO presentation, to Madrid. A new colour had its premiere on the trade fair as well: "Bronze Platinum" follows the current trends towards browns/beiges, which are gaining ground in other surface coatings, e.g. in the varnish area, again as well.

Dominant shimmering colours have a history on the Spanish market: building elements are preferably made of metal in the Southern areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Accordingly, requirements to plastic products for this market have set essential impulses for development of metallic colours with their elegance that is now also available in woodgrains: effect pigment give the pattern surfaces a silky gloss.