RENOLIT at fensterbau/frontale 2012

Stefan Hiergstetter

Open to new ideas

RENOLIT specifically focuses on customer approach and new service offers

Worms, 9 February 2012 – high-performance films from RENOLIT EXOFOL protect and design the surfaces of outdoor construction elements. For 30 years, they have been proving their quality in particular in the area of plastic windows. The business unit RENOLIT EXTERIOR wants to document in its presentation at this years fensterbau/frontale that this works wonderfully in other components as well.

Looking over the rim of our teacup

"We want to deal with the people who use our products in everyday applications even more intensely and to target those more directly who use them to design their objects," says business unit manager Stefan Friedrich. Booth 231 in hall 6 therefore is targeted at producers, vendors and installation companies for windows as well as architects, in addition to the usual customer group.

The promising trade fair motto is "Open to new ideas", which, of course, applies to the company as such. We also open up new perspectives in handling of the products and surface design for the target groups in question. For the architect clients, RENOLIT will take the 15 colours of the Metallic Range, as well as a colour range assembled specifically according to facade design aspects to Nuremberg. Moreover, the Colour Road design service will present the current activities of a pilot project with which the company is currently systematically developing cooperation with architects. Architects and companies together are developing new application ideas and work methods in workshops. RENOLIT will then publish them in an insert in the architectural journal AIT. The previously published issues are available at fensterbau/frontale.

The repair trick

This year's trade fair appearance focuses on the aspects of service and customer benefit. "We want to offer more than selling film", Sibylle Kahl, marketing manager at RENOLIT EXTERIOR emphasises. For example, the film specialist wants to pass on its know-how and train customers to perform repairs as well in future. The RENOLIT film service, founded specifically for this purpose, organises and performs such trainings at its dedicated training centre in Worms. Department manager Harald Neunzehn and three other employees convey the necessary knowledge on handling of repair films to window construction companies and system houses. Participants can then procure and process such films as authorised RENOLIT film restoration operations.

At fensterbau/frontale, the company conveys this craftsmanship know-how in live presentations up to three times per day. Another campaign presents the anti-graffiti properties of RENOLIT EXOFOL FX, where the artist will paint a picture on the film – and then remove it again without residue.

New sales manager Germany & Facade

In the light of development of new target groups, Stefan Hiergstetter (43) has been dealing with the traditional and new markets of RENOLIT as sales manager Germany & Facade since 1 July 2011. The trained carpenter and business economist has been working in various areas of the window industry since 1993. Most recently, he was employed by a large profile producer as sales manager for Southern Germany. Additionally, he has profound experience in architect support. The man from Munich believes that high-performance films have a great market potential in the areas of facades, plastic-aluminium window constructions and optical fibre construction elements.

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