RENOLIT at fensterbau/frontale 2012 in Nuremberg

Seeing the film doctor

RENOLIT film service repairs and conveys know-how

Nuremberg/Worms, 21 March 2012 – The high-performance films by RENOLIT EXOFOL are supposed to be unbreakable. For 30 years, they have been protecting and designing construction element surfaces in exterior use. What to do if the film is damaged anyway, if incorrect cleaning of the window, burglars or even accidents during transport to the construction site have left their traces?

It is rarely necessary to replace the complete building component. Much more often, the damage can be repaired. It just isn't quite as easy as it may sound. Since 1999, RENOLIT has been dealing with the repair service subject, developing it systematically into the RENOLIT film service. In the last six years, the components of training and support of external companies were added while a repair film warehouse was developed.

Service increases trust

This service is unique in the industry. It demonstrates the special responsibility of the semi-finished goods supplier towards the supply chain and down to the end customer. "We want to offer more than selling film”, Sibylle Kahl, marketing manager for RENOLIT EXTERIOR, summarises the philosophy.

RENOLIT film service is a fixed component of the company's warranty concept, while also conveying the right skills for emergency help to window construction operations and system vendors. "True to our trade fair motto 'Open to new ideas', we want to pass on our decades of experience in handling film surfaces," says Harald Neunzehn, the department manager responsible for this area. For years, the number of trainings performed, as well as the sales volume of the RENOLIT EXOFOL MR and RENOLIT EXOFOL FR repair films, has increased continually.

At fensterbau/frontale, the team presented the technique using replaceable casements. They gave interested customers a first idea of the craftsmanship involved. The company believes that the repair options will strengthen both the competence of every individual window construction business and the sale of film-laminated elements.

Short paths

In a dedicated training centre in Worms, the RENOLIT film service wants to perfect its training activities now. In a cost-efficient day seminar that includes a tour of the plant, the experienced team teaches the skills required for handling repair films to the participants, preparing them for repairs. With this know-how and a participation certificate, they can then laminate and process these films, saving long paths and enabling the companies to act as partners of builders and architects right on site. In addition to these further training activities, the film service team also continues its own work on construction sites throughout Europe or – in exceptions – even around the world. 

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