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    The Biocide-Free Fouling Release Alternative Film.


    RENOLIT DOLPHIN S offers an alternative to conventional painting. In line with the concept of “Fouling Release”, its high protective quality coating is totally free of biocides. The RENOLIT DOLPHIN S fouling release alternative reliably protects the surfaces longer and performs better. The amphiphilic property is unique in the market and prevents adhesion of a large scope of fouling. Its corrosion protection property, the drag reduction due to the smooth surface and the easy application have a great impact on maintenance costs and operational efficiency.


    • 3D application
    • Amphiphilic fouling release (hydrophobe & hydrophile surface)
    • Smoothest surface thanks to Fluoropolymer construction  
    • Migration free fouling release 
    • Uniform surface
    • Good resistance to abrasion (allows frequent cleaning cycles)
    • Up to 12% drag reduction
    • Flexible anti-corrosion (unaffected by substrate dilatation)
    • Up to 5 years durability

    RENOLIT DOLPHIN S - The Advantages at a Glance

    Easy Preparation

    • Same surface preparation as paint
    • No masking of surrounding surfaces, no overspray

    Simple Application

    • No silicone contamination
    • Fit for various shapes 
    • Can be applied at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C and in high humidity zones
    • Ready and easy-to-apply (no component mixing, no pot life)
    • No risk of flammability (maintenance jobs can be done in parallel)
    • “Instant functionality” delivered (one layer, no curing time) 

    Better Surface Protection

    • Amphiphilic property
    • Smooth surface
    • Good resistance to abrasion and scratches
    • Two times anti-corrosion barrier: adhesive and film
    • Efficient protection due to uniform thickness and constant quality
    • Can absorb surface dilatation
    • Up to 5 years functionality

    Saves Time

    • Easy to Clean
    • No masking of surrounding surfaces, no overspray
    • Maintenance work (welding) can be done in parallel
    • No drying time
    • Quick and easy repairs with film patches 

    Harmless to humans and the environment

    • Biocide free
    • No volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released
    • Easier Heath Safety Environment (HSE) management
    • Easier and cheaper waste management

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