High performance films for window profiles

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    The decorative RENOLIT EXOFOL high-performance films for outdoor applications protect against weather influences and are used for the surface design of window profiles. A wealth of different colours, décors and textured surface finishes opens up a broad scope for individual design - featuring authentic woodgrains of fresh solid colours, from classic to modern. The range includes three product qualities for different applications and climatic zones.

    All RENOLIT EXOFOL exterior films benefit from the well-known Solar Shield Technology (SST). Pigments in the coloured base film reflect infrared radiation, thereby substantially reducing the build-up of heat in the profile. In this way, the profiles retain their shape and windows their exact fit.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL products have been market leaders for many years.

    New products


    The feel of a smooth, satin surface is pleasant and appealing.  When a deep, flowing wood texture is added, it is almost indistinguishable from real wood - either by its appearance or to touch.

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    Worldwide warranty concept


    RENOLIT revised its warranty periods of RENOLIT EXOFOL products. The three film qualities RENOLIT EXOFOL MX, RENOLIT EXOFOL PX and RENOLIT EXOFOL FX are designed for use in different environments and have been tested over many years both in the laboratory and under natural climatic conditions. The performance of the products, which are tested in accordance with the RAL‑GZ 716 test standard issued by the Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme (Quality Assurance for Plastic Window Profile Systems), is considerably higher than the standard requires. As a result, the warranty period for RENOLIT EXOFOL PX is extended up to ten years, twice as long as before, in Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and its neighbouring countries, and in China and South America. The warranty period for RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is now uniform worldwide up to 20 years.