Office Block, Ratingen

    An office block, finding its architectural twin after 20 years.

    While the entire facade of the new building was kept in a muted anthracite, posts and beams of the existing building were executed in a natural silver aluminum shade. Furthermore the old building showed colour changes and appeared spotty over the years. This made a renovation was advisable.

    RENOLIT REFACE offered the ideal solution in terms of cost advantages and preparation work because buildings usually have to be grinded, primed and masked to repaint them. Elements that are covered with the self-adhesive film simply have to be cleaned in advance. Furthermore, RENOLIT offers a 10-year warranty, which clarifies its reliability.

    Name of Project: Facade Design for Ratingen Office Block


    Colour: Anthracite Metallic

    Facade: Mullion– transom metal facade from the 1990s Surface

    Area: 400m2

    Photographer: Christian Buck, Heidelberg