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    This is what lights up printing: Our printable plastic films offer flexible application and outstandingly clarity, especially when digitally printed. This is thanks to their special formulation and our decades of experience in manufacturing printable films.

    Our high-quality plastic films are used for self-adhesive Fleet Wrapping applications on a great number of vehicles. RENOLIT PRINT gives vehicle fleets an unmistakable, high-definition visual impact.

    Product Variations


    up to 82.5”


    3.0 to 8 microns


    Polymer or plasticized monomer for internal and external applications


    Embossed in a range from matt to high gloss and different structures available


    Various opacities and shades of white available

    Product Properties

    • Printable by all common PVC printing methods and suitable for digital printing
    • Customized opacity available
    • Low shrinkage
    • Perfect lay-flat
    • Uniform thickness
    • High UV-resistance
    • Good dimensional stability

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