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Decor Coordination

    Discover the RENOLIT Decor Coordination

    We at RENOLIT have co-ordinated numerous colours and decors of our 2D & 3D stock ranges with the leading manufacturers of carrier- and surface materials as well as with decor printers in order to guarantee an optimal decor combination. 

    This allows you to easily combine materials on the front and body to create tasteful furniture and exceptional interior designs.

    Find your match in our Global Matching Matrices:

    PDF Icon RENOLIT ALKOREN Global Matching Matrix
    PDF icon Document (pdf)
    250 KB
    PDF Icon RENOLIT COVAREN Global Matching Matrix
    PDF icon Document (pdf)
    206 KB

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

    For information about sample ordering, please contact:


    Phone:    +49 6241.303.1222