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    The Colour Road Trend Report 2021|22

    “In touch with colours” balances nature and society

    Worms, March 3rd, 2020 – The need for touch is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. So deeply that touch has proven to positively impact our well-being and our metabolism. Colours have the inherent power to tell us how different materials and fabrics might feel. “In touch with colours”, the RENOLIT Colour Road Trend Report 2021|22, utilises this power to guide the reader through the diverse design and colour trends. 

    Our sense of touch shows us the world

    “We experience the world through touch,” says Monika Haag, General Manager Corporate Design Management at RENOLIT. “The sense of touch plays a key role in human development.” It shows us our own boundaries and gives us information about the composition of the objects we are touching – tension, pressure or even temperature can be sensed. Touch can even have a therapeutic effect: When we are touched by another person, this can lower our cortisol levels and thereby reduces our stress. We connect colours with expectations of what characteristics things have and the feelings they elicit in us. Monika Haag explains: “Slate grey makes us think of a slightly rough, cool surface, light green of refreshing smelling leaves, and shiny red of smooth materials and passion.”

    The Colour Road design experts have recognised these expectations and just at the right time developed three trend topics for the new Trend Report 2021|22. Now it is more important than ever to design our personal living spaces in a way that considers the deeply human need for touch and a variety of tactile experiences.


    Bringing the elements into your home

    “When we think of the elements, we think of freedom and nature experiences, but also of emotional healing,” Verena Mundle, Expert for Corporate Design Management at RENOLIT, explains. “A walk in the forest or along the beach, with the wind in our hair, enriches our day.” Different surfaces and their dynamics – from the surface of the water, continuously changing with the wind, to the play of sunlight on ribbed leaves – have a relaxing effect on the eyes and on the spirit. In times when our mobility is restricted, we can create these impressions in the home and reenergise – with the trend topic “ELEMENTS” in the Colour Road Trend Report 2021|22. Blue shades such as the fresh Ocean Breeze Supermatt and the deep Acai Berry Supermatt ideally complement natural marble and stone decors for designing full spaces. The quiet, tranquil Lichen Green brings nature as the primary design colour to a living or dining room while the invigorating Lemongrass Supermatt adds a cheery accent to dark-brown oak. 


    Back to basics

    With the Elements, we expand our horizon – but to venture what’s new, we need a solid foundation. The Colour Road Trend Report 2021|22 creates this basis in the home with the trend topic “FUNDAMENTAL”. Earth, soil, stone, but also wool soft plant fibres: To continuously refresh the connection to our origins in a way that is not only visual but haptic, the Colour Road colour experts have assembled a range of timeless trend colours.

    The dark neutrals Mineral Grey and Cubanit Grey Premier Matt are true multi-talents and provide space for sophisticated surfaces and warm, natural oaks. Sand Grain and Raw Cotton contribute lighter shades. The off-white Raw Cotton lends even larger furniture pieces visual lightness while Sand Grain is an ideal partner for rustic oak or abstract structures. Especially now, we are seeking stimulating physical experiences – in our home furnishings as well. Through the variety of textures of the materials used, the “FUNDAMENTAL” colours unlock their full potential.


    Make a statement!

    Sometimes, it isn’t grounded earthiness we need but a bold statement. Colours affect our innermost feelings – and our sense of touch can do the same. Verena Mundle says: “That’s why we have devoted our third trend topic ‘STATEMENT’ entirely to the inner experience.” Strong red evokes a sense of passion – but also of danger. This contrast is what makes it so fascinating and perfect for setting effective accents in interior design. The Colour Road experts have created two new trend colours that achieve this: “Feel alive!”, a spirited, nearly pure red shade really lives up to its name and the darker “Lacquer Red!” exudes elegance. Both colours invite you to touch, to sensuously experience – and to stand up for your values. In combination with expressive wood and dark stone decors, they make true statements in the home.  

    Blush shades remind us of skin and the emotions surrounding it – warming, deeply touching, and something that brings us together. The new shade “Touch!” conveys this especially well and can be used to invigorate various interior concepts – for example, in combination with Highland Green Premier Matt for a Scandinavian hygge atmosphere. This concept uses handcrafted furniture that are increasingly appreciated today. “Hands on!” not only stands for this appreciation; the soft brown shade also invites us to explore our own creativity. 

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