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    RENOLIT supports colleagues in Beijing

    Beijing, February 7, 2020 – What if a hospital runs out of IV bags or blood bags? A possible scenario since the outbreak of the Corona virus in China. 
    Every day more and more companies in China are forced to close their plants and stop their production. Simply because their employees are forced to stay at home or are not allowed to travel to work due to the strict quarantine rules by the Chinese government. 
    Our RENOLIT plant in Beijing, one of the biggest producers of medical polymer films in China, faced the same challenge. After an intensive screening we concluded that our employees are not infected, healthy and free of the Corona virus. Nevertheless, they were not allowed to go to work in order to prevent spreading the Corona virus. Such extreme circumstances require inventive thinking, responsibility, team spirit and efforts.

    Jennifer Zhang (Managing Director) and Ken Wang (HR) in front of the hotel in Beijing

    We as RENOLIT have rent a hotel, so that a small team of approximately 75 employees will live temporarily there. The hotel is close to our plant (2 km far away), which ramp up the restart of the production lines at RENOLIT Beijing Medical. Some of these employees were not allowed to return to their own home and were actually temporarily homeless. Now they are safe, have a place to stay and proud they can contribute by making the best medical films to be used for treatment of the consequences caused by the Corona virus.   
    RENOLIT is not only taking care of our employees, our employees in Beijing take care that our production can continue. Although on a smaller scale but still with the same high quality standards: together towards health!
    At RENOLIT we hope that the situation with the Corona virus will soon be solved so that life can turn back to normal for everybody.