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    A New Look for RENOLIT REFACE – Wood Finish for 30,000 m² Facade

    Customer requests are a big deal at RENOLIT – in fact 30,000 m² big to be exact. Specially customized to meet the wishes of a technology company based south of Munich, RENOLIT developed an extension of the well-known RENOLIT REFACE range: Wood finish films. The application of the above-mentioned building will be completed in late-autumn of this year. 

    During a large-scale facade renovation in spring 2017, RENOLIT first received a request for a wood-finish film. “Until them we only had plain colour and metallic colours in our program. We then consulted our RENOLIT colleagues who make industrial décor films for PVC window frames. With their expertise regarding the best printing techniques, we developed the new films through to production” explains Helmut Schmitt, Project Manager Facade at RENOLIT.

    The films should best match the original building facades and, above all, be durable. In close cooperation with RENOLIT’s in-house printing department, existing printing rollers and colours were adapted until ultimately a new product line was established. “With our new wood-finish, we have extended our previous selection of films with a very natural element” says Helmut Schmitt, “Facades can be simply and, above all, sustainably refurbished with these self-adhesive films.

    As with all other RENOLIT products, our wood-finish films were thoroughly tested before they reach the market. “Regardless of plain colour or wood-finish films, the same quality and testing standards apply to them all” adds Helmut Schmitt. “Especially the guaranteed 10-years durability and B1 fire certification are absolutely essential.

    After the first rolls of the newly requested décor had been manufactured and tested in summer 2018, an approximately 100 sq. meter test surface was filmed and routinely inspected. As no qualitative changes had been registered, our customer decided to film his 12 buildings with a total surface area of almost 30,000 sq. meters with the new wood-finish “Country Oak”.

    “We are highly satisfied with this challenging order” says der Helmut Schmitt. “Normally our application projects cover an area of between 300 and 1,000 sq. meters – 30,000 sq. meters was in a totally different league”. To apply the film, we needed a number of extra hands. Up to 25 applicators worked on the project in the south of Munich. “We also received excellent support from the responsible site manager. According to him, the Country Oak facade film was the perfect decision for the buildings both in terms of quality and optically”

    The application of the 12 buildings began in September last year. After a weather-related pause between October 2019 and March 2020, the project is due to be finished in October 2020 after a total of nine months work. The 12 buildings will then look resplendent with their Country Oak facades!


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