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    RENOLIT honors Worms students with MINT prizes for the first time

    Worms, 13th July 2023 - For the first time, RENOLIT has awarded MINT prizes to outstanding students from secondary schools in Worms. The prizes went to Julia Egli from Pfrimmtal-Realschule plus as well as Sofie Bauer from secondary school level 1 and Melek Karatas from vocational school level 1 at Westend-Realschule plus. With the MINT Award, RENOLIT honors outstanding achievements in the subjects of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology.

    Markus Blümle, Business Manager Corporate Human Resources at RENOLIT, together with Stefania Staikou, Head of Training & Studies Germany, personally handed over the prizes to the winners at the two official graduation ceremonies. Besides the MINT prize, Julia Egli from Pfrimmtal-Realschule plus received prize money of 200 euros, Sofie Bauer and Melek Karatas from Westend-Realschule plus each received 100 euros. "We extend our warmest congratulations to the three prize winners. We are happy about their excellent achievements in the natural sciences and are proud to honor them with the MINT Prize," said Markus Blümle.

    The Pfrimmtal-Realschule plus has been officially awarded as a MINT-friendly school. Its concern is to attach greater importance to MINT professions. To this end, the school aims to discover scientific talents at an early stage and offers elective and in-depth courses from the 6th grade onwards. "With the MINT Prize, we now honor excellent scientific achievements at the end of school," explains Simone Gnädig, principal of Pfrimmtal-Realschule plus. "We see it as our task to be a guidepost for students in career orientation and a pillar in career guidance."
    Westend-Realschule plus attaches great importance to the area of career orientation and recently extended the existing cooperation agreement with RENOLIT and added new modules. For example, just last week the 9th grade students received job application training, in which RENOLIT also participated. The MINT Prize is another joint activity. "We want to further expand our cooperation. Because both sides benefit from this. Our students get access to a potential employer and RENOLIT to potential trainees," explains Anette Kercher, principal of Westend-Realschule plus.

    "We are very glad that we were able to award MINT prizes to two secondary schools in Worms for the first time this year. In doing so, we are not only honoring scientific achievements by students, but also living up to our social responsibility as the largest employer in Worms," says Stefania Staikou, Head of Training & Studies Germany at RENOLIT.

    The schools

    Both the Pfrimmtal and Westend secondary schools are so-called "Realschulen plus". This is a new and contemporary type of school that combines the previous "Hauptschulen" and "Realschulen".
    Students are supported in courses or learning groups according to their aptitudes and performance. The focus is on the learner through individual and competence-oriented learning.

    The Pfrimmtal-Realschule plus is located at Nievergoltstraße 63 in Worms. In spring 2023, it moved into a new school building. It also supports the school concept structurally. The "cluster school" offers students a modern learning and living space. More at Westend-Realschule plus is a secondary school located at Röderstraße 2 in Worms. Among other things, it features school social work, a partner school in Rwanda, and a school dog. More at