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    RENOLIT donation projects 2020

    December 16th, 2020 – Once again this year, the RENOLIT Group donates to charitable organisations at Christmas time.

    Here you can find some more information about the donation projects:


    RENOLIT SE, production site Worms donates to:

    Schüler-Arche-Worms e.V. 
    The Schüler-Arche in Worms is a non-profit association that has made it its mission to help children who cannot be supported enough at home to meet the challenge of school. The aim is to strengthen the children's personality and enable them to act independently. 

    Coronahilfe Caritasverband Worms e.V. 
    The situation of people in financial distress has been further aggravated by the Corona crisis. Many approach places for humans in emergency had to close, why the Caritasverband Worms registered association tries to help here with its services and mechanisms. 

    RENOLIT SE, production site Frankenthal donates to:

    Frankenthaler Tafeln 
    The “Frankenthaler Tafel” is meant for all citizens with a low income. The “Frankenthaler Tafel” collects surplus, top quality food and spreads it to people in need in Frankenthal.  

    Street Doc (Ökumenische Fördergemeinschaft Ludwigshafen GmbH)
    Street Doc is a cooperative project providing health care for disadvantaged groups. Doctors and dentists offer free medical care at social hot spots in the city of Ludwigshafen and surroundings of the town. This offer is for homeless people, asylum seekers or people without medical insurance. 

    RENOLIT SE, production site Munich donates to:

    Maibaumverein München-Solln
    The local maypole association will erect a new maypole in 2021. The maypole association, which emerged from the many different clubs in the district as a joint "umbrella association," coordinates the events of the many clubs in Solln. They all make a significant contribution to youth work, integration and inclusion. 

    RENOLIT SE, production site Thansau donates to:

    The Irmengard-Hof (Björn Schulz Foundation in Gstadt near Prien) is a meeting and recreation centre for families with terribly and fatally sick children. 

    Sternstunden des Bayrischen Rundfunks
    This organisation donates 100% to children in need. 

    RENOLIT Cramlington Limited, Cramlington donates to:

    North East Homeless
    This charity provides support to those who are vulnerable and homeless in the north east of England. The donation will be used to help provide them with clothes, food and other accessories. 

    RENOLIT Ondex S.A.S, Quetigny donates to:

    Centre Georges François Leclerc
    Recognized as a center of excellence for the care of patients, CGFL is a component of the Center for Cancer Referent in the region. All types of cancers can be diagnosed and supported by the Medical Center, and major medical specialties are represented within the institution. A technical performance of radiology, nuclear medicine, traditional biology, molecular biology and pathology is offered to patients.

    American RENOLIT Corporation, La Porte donates to:

    Adopting first year elementary teachers
    This year American RENOLIT Corporation is supporting elementary school teachers in equipping their classrooms. The teachers who start their jobs must pay for the equipment in the classrooms themselves and have to purchase teaching material. 

    RENOLIT Ibérica, S.A.,Sant Celoni donates to:

    Asociación Neurológica del Baix Montseny, Rotes Kreuz and Caritas and a local association against cancer
    RENOLIT Ibérica, S.A.
    donates to the "Asociación Neurológica del Baix Montseny", a local organization that helps people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In addition, a donation was made to the Red Cross and Caritas to support disadvantaged families in Sant Celoni.  Also they donate to a local association against cancer. 

    RENOLIT Chile SPA, Valparaiso donates to:

    Proyecto del Colegio Pastoral
    This project is led by Fray Manuel, a local fireman, who manages to feed daily 80 families in need with the assistance of the local. Fray Manuel and a great team of volunteers cook a meal for 140+ people on a daily basis. For Christmas celebration, a special meal is made. This year, RENOLIT has donated a “pan de Pascua” (traditional Chilean cake for the holiday period) and a personal hygiene kit for each of the 80 families assisted by this project. 

    RENOLIT Belgium NV, Oudenaarde donates to

    Heuvelheem is an organization that is active in helping people with disabilities.
    They focus on high-quality, individual support in various areas of life: living, working, learning, experience-oriented activities, sports, family and relationships, administration and finances, relaxation, emotional support, support for network and so much more.