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    RENOLIT donation projects 2019

    December 17, 2019 – Once again this year, the RENOLIT Group donates to charitable organisations at Christmas time.

    Here you can find some more information about the donation projects:

    RENOLIT SE, Worms donates to:

    KiAP Worms e.V. (Children in adoptive and foster families)

    KiAP Worms e.V. is a group of foster and adoptive parents who have taken in children. KiAP offers support in the form of information, counselling, trainings and exchange of experience. KiAP also establishes contacts between families and organises getting to know each other as well as leisure activities.

    RENOLIT SE, plant Frankenthal donates to:

    Frankenthaler Tafeln

    The “Frankenthaler Tafel” is meant for all citizens with a low income. The “Frankenthaler Tafel” collects surplus, top quality food and spreads it to people in need in Frankenthal., 

    Street Doc

    Street Doc is a cooperative project providing health care for disadvantaged groups. Doctors and dentists offer free medical care at social hot spots in the city of Ludwigshafen and surroundings of the town. This offer is for homeless people, asylum seekers or people without medical insurance.

    RENOLIT SE, plant Thansau donates to:

    “Irmengard-Hof” by Björn Schulz foundation 

    The “Irmengard-Hof” at the Bavarian Lake Chiemsee is a house of recreation, exchange and encounter for families with seriously ill children and children with disabilities.

    “Sternstunden des Bayrischen Rundfunks”

    Relief projects for children in need in Bavaria, Germany and worldwide.

    RENOLIT SE, plant Waldkraiburg donates to:

    SAPV am Inn gGmbH

    SAPV is the specialized ambulatory palliative care for the districts of Altötting, Mühldorf and Rottal-Inn. SAPV helps patients and their families to return to "normality" in everyday life in the case of a life-threatening illness.


    RENOLIT Belgium N.V., Oudenaarde donates to:

    “Oud-Stam Komt Op Tegen Kanker“
    Kom op tegen Kanker is a non-governmental organisation that defends the right of patients to the best treatment and care and the right of people to a healthy living environment.,

    RENOLIT Cramlington Limited, Cramlington donates to:

    Wansbeck District hospital
    RENOLIT Cramlington donates to the palliative care unit of Wansbeck Hospital in memory of three employees. Two of them have spent their last days in this palliative care unit.  

    American RENOLIT Corporation, La Porte donates to:

    Adopting first year elementary teachers
    This year American RENOLIT Corporation is supporting eight elementary school teachers in equipping their classrooms. Elementary school teachers who start their jobs must pay for the equipment in the classrooms themselves and have to purchase books, dry erase boards, markers or educational games.


    RENOLIT Ibérica, S.A., Sant Celoni donates to:

    Asociación Neurológica del Baix Montseny, Rotes Kreuz und Caritas
    RENOLIT Ibérica, S.A. donates to the "Asociación Neurológica del Baix Montseny", a local organization that helps people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In addition, a donation was made to the Red Cross and Caritas to support disadvantaged families in Sant Celoni.