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    RENOLIT among the top 3 at the IHK Education Award 2024

    DIHK recognises holistic training model at RENOLIT. The company's training and personnel development initiatives are particularly characterised by their sustainable nature.

    Berlin, 14 May 2024 – RENOLIT was a finalist in the ‘Large Companies’ category at the IHK Education Award 2024 ceremony near the Chancellery in Berlin yesterday. With this award, the IHK organisation and the Otto Wolff Foundation honour outstanding educational initiatives in the field of company training and/or further education. From a total of 165 entries, the expert jury selected a total of twelve finalists for this year's award ceremony.

    RENOLIT's ranking among the top 3 large companies confirms the innovative approach we take as a company in all our programmes: The RENOLIT competency model ensures progress and collaboration through innovative leadership development. We take the time to address all employees individually and develop their skills sustainably.

    Peter Adrian, President of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), emphasised the importance of vocational training in his speech: “Our companies must be equipped for the future and this requires decisive action and real change. What companies particularly need now are well-trained young people. Because they are the future of us all!“

    Markus Blümle, General Manager Corporate People & Empowerment, Johanna Schlörit, Director Corporate People Strategy & Branding, Lisa Pichel, Director Corporate People & Organizational Development, Stefania Staikou, Director Ausbildung & Studium Deutschland, und Isabelle Andres, Specialist People Strategy & Branding, took part in the award ceremony.

    “The fact that we made it into the top 3 of the large companies in the IHK Education Award is confirmation of our continuous and intensive investment in providing high-quality training and further education opportunities for our employees,” said Markus Blümle. “This nomination motivates us to continue to pursue innovative paths and support our employees.”

    The competency model, with which RENOLIT made it into the top 3, enables holistic personnel development and competency standards. The model was implemented in workshops with all managers worldwide: in India, the USA and China as well as at all European locations. We offer all employees a wide range of development opportunities through defined competencies as well as leadership guidelines and a further training catalogue. Everyone finds a way to build on their personal strengths. Our employees are empowered along the entire employee life cycle - starting with standardised onboarding. Another important aspect is the promotion of junior employees, who are given the best possible start to their careers through internships abroad and social internships. The annual ‘PLACE & grow’ process, including a potential analysis, ensures succession planning.

    Representatives of RENOLIT at the IHK education award ceremony in Berlin (from left to right): DIHK President Peter Adrian, Johanna Schlörit (Director Corporate People Strategy & Branding), Isabelle Andres (Specialist People Strategy & Branding), Judith Rakers (Journalist, television presenter and host of the evening), Lisa Pichel (Director Corporate People & Organizational Development), Stefania Staikou (Director of Apprenticeship & Studies Germany) and Markus Blümle (General Manager Corporate People & Empowerment).
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    About the IHK Education Award:  
    Since 2014, the award, sponsored by the Otto Wolff Foundation, has been presented to companies for whom vocational training is a key success factor in their HR policy. The award is looking for something special: exceptionally committed pioneers, strategists and visionaries. 

    Companies apply for the IHK Education Award on their own initiative. A high-calibre, five-member jury of experts selects the twelve best candidates and sends them through to the final round. These finalists then present their application films to the jury of around 300 IHK examiners, who select the four winners live on the evening of the award ceremony.  

    The IHK Education Prize is awarded in three categories: to small companies with up to 50 employees, to medium-sized companies with a workforce of 50 to 500 and to large companies that employ more than 500 people.  

    In addition, a special prize can be awarded if one of the applications received does not fulfil all the criteria for the main prize, but the concept appears particularly promising or innovative.