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    RENOLIT GEOFOL FH makes outdoor decking attractive and slip resistant.

    Worms, 6th July 2023 – The decking boards match the house façade, the steps match the entrance door and the balcony flooring matches the window system. In terms of design, decking made of composite materials, aluminium or plastic profiles has until recently been limited. The Worms-based surface specialist RENOLIT now has a product in its range for such applications: RENOLIT GEOFOL FH, which was specifically developed for laminating outdoor decking boards. The film is produced at the company's headquarters in Worms and is available immediately.

    Scratch and wear resistance determine the quality and durability of decking products. RENOLIT fulfils these requirements with an abrasion-resistant UV protective layer, which protects the printed design from fading due to weathering, as well as providing an extremely scratch-resistant top layer. David Sagerer, responsible for product management and technology, describes the special features of the new development: "Corundum components ensure abrasion resistance, while the rough surface structure provides the necessary slip resistance." The base layer of RENOLIT GEOFOL FH is a solid-coloured PMMA film, which - like all of the company's exterior films - is enhanced with Solar Shield Technology (SST). IR-reflecting colour pigments protect both the profiles and the film itself from excessive heating. In Western European markets, RENOLIT offers a warranty of up to ten years, which includes colour fastness - a first in the field of industrially produced exterior decking boards.

    With the wear-resistant RENOLIT GEOFOL FH exterior film for decking panels, outdoor areas can now be colour-coordinated with the window system, shown here with Guyana Teak decor.
    In the warm, muted Oak decor, the decking and banisters look as if they have been cast from a single mould.

    Durable and easy to clean

    RENOLIT GEOFOL FH is designed, among other things, for processing with profile wrapping machines. The film can be laminated using suitable hot melt adhesives and is also suitable for wrapping edges and gentle curves.

    The surface of the new product is not only extremely resilient, but also resistant to weather-related deposits. "Natural airborne substances have virtually no chance of settling, which drastically reduces verdigris and algae formation," says David Sagerer. In addition, RENOLIT GEOFOL FH is resistant to everyday substances such as ketchup, red wine, coffee or cooking oil. In the case of normal soiling, it can be cleaned easily with warm tap water and household washing-up liquid. In the case of heavier soiling, a specially developed cleaner is recommended, which specialist companies can obtain directly from RENOLIT.


    Architects and planners of hospitality venues and exclusive family homes in particular, regard outdoor areas as an architectural component of the overall building. Accordingly, design-oriented decking for exterior use are increasingly coming into focus. RENOLIT has these growth markets in mind with its new product. "We expect the greatest development potential in the Western European markets of Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain, as well as from North American markets," says Axel Kulke, responsible for business development and sales of RENOLIT GEOFOL FH. Initially ten designs will be launched, and the range can be expanded according to customer requirements.

    Two top layers give RENOLIT GEOFOL FH the required abrasion and slip resistance.