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    From space down to the deep sea: In its Colour Road RENOLIT inspires with the trend colours 22/23

    With the motto TRAVELLING INTO NEW DIMENSIONS, this year's Trend Report picks up inspirations from different spheres.

    Worms, 4 April 2022– The route is set, now the journey may begin: In the Colour Road RENOLIT SE, international manufacturer of high-quality plastic films and products, shows the way to the trend colours 22/23 for the interior sector. This year's Colour Road has the motto TRAVELLING INTO NEW DIMENSIONS and is inspired by the colour worlds of the deep sea, the first-hand sensory impressions on earth and images of outer space and space travel. Since 2009, RENOLIT's Corporate Design Management has been publishing the latest colour and design trends in the annual Colour Road: They address global trends and developments and transfer them to interior and exterior design. Therefore, the team led by Monika Haag, General Manager Corporate Design Management, closely cooperates with trend research institutes and trend experts.

    In-house concept for colour consulting

    The Colour Road gives manufacturers of furniture, floors, doors, wall panels and caravans an inspiring guideline as to which colours and materials will be in vogue. Overall, the colours come from visually powerful imagery and in turn open up worlds that inspire product designers in interior design, construction, furniture production and caravan equipment. "After all, in the furnishing industry, too, it is always about offering our customers something fresh, something unseen before. This, however, requires a good orientation to meet the taste of the buyers. And that is what our trend service offers," explains Monika Haag, creator of Colour Road.

    The Colour Road concept is backed by the consulting expertise of RENOLIT's Corporate Design Management. "We are contacted by manufacturers of furniture, kitchens, floor coverings, wall panels and exterior wall cladding who are looking for trend colours and decors. “The core of our consultancy service is personal - or digital - consulting," explains Verena Mundle, Corporate Design Manager, as she describes the service. In addition to advice, videos and a digital brochure take designers and product managers on a journey.

    Monika Haag and her colleagues filtered the motto TRAVELLING INTO NEW DIMENSIONS from current affairs. The pandemic has clearly reminded us that travel is a deeply rooted need. It reflects human curiosity and the desire to learn more and more about the world we live in. Today, technological developments enable new kinds of impressions and experiences, and journeys of discovery are becoming more virtual. However, the more digital we become, the more intensively we perceive the immediate, physical experience again. 

    The blue-green colour world provides calm and clarity

    In search of inspiration, the Colour Road leads down into the deep sea, which is full of unexplored creatures and secrets. The trend colours of DEEP OCEAN LEVEL are two blue tones Sea Pioneer and Atlantic, an intense pastel green Nekton and Space Glow as a golden accent. Nekton contains the fresh radiance of the cold green in which swimming creatures glow under water:
    The refraction of light puts the underwater world in a blue-green spotlight. The shade Sea Pioneer comes from deeper spheres. When the last rays of light are lost in the depths of the ocean, everything is surrounded by this intense blue. Atlantic is found from a sea depth of 200 metres. This is where a mysterious, dark blue underwater world of its own begins. And if you venture down even further, you can also discover Space Glow. That golden glow of rare bioluminescent creatures.

    "In interiors, blue and blue-green harmonise very well with our oak decors in a subtle light and grey look. But stone looks, too, are a great option," says Monika Haag, explaining some of the possible combinations for DEEP OCEAN LEVEL.

    Bold shades stand for joy and a positive attitude to life

    At eye level, the hues of GROUND LEVEL emerge. We encounter Lichen Green out and about on mossy rocks or on tree trunks. This muted green with a distinct proportion of grey and yellow has a calming effect and harmonises with many colours and wood decors. The rich, warmly vibrant Pilgrim Shell also can be found in nature- whether in the form of a yellowish shell or as crustose lichen on uninviting surfaces. This cheerful yellow shade conveys a positive aura: Pilgrim Shell succeeds in spicing up any room. Artist has an equally strong effect: the resolute and determined red sets powerful accents. Its cooling counterpart is Sphere. This shade of blue with a tendency towards violet picks up on the virtual component of our travels. "These fresh, encouraging colours simply radiate a good mood in the living room. They work excellently in combination with oak decors as well as ceramics and tile patterns," advises the colour expert from RENOLIT SE.

    Exciting contrasts for a lively spatial effect

    The colours of COSMOS LEVEL are souvenirs of an interplanetary journey:
    the bold orange shade Mars picks up on the hopes and perspectives of space travel and directs our gaze towards our neighbouring planet. The muted rust-red shade Crypto could also come from a snapshot of the Martian atmosphere. Mars and Crypto are both of mineral origin - as is Mineral Grey, which is reminiscent of the dusty surfaces of the moon. This shade of grey provides the perfect base for bold accent colours - such as the fresh Caldera. It is reminiscent of aerial photographs dotted with lakes in a cratered landscape. The striking turquoise complements oak decors perfectly and, like orange, is suitable as an expressive, almost luminous contrast colour for minimalist design. "Caldera, Mars and Crypto are a perfect match for the look of rough untreated woods and raw stone surfaces. In these two areas RENOLIT offers a wide range of high-quality decors in various qualities," said Verena Mundle, summarising the design flexibility of COSMOS LEVEL.

    Inspiration through videos, collages and consulting

    The Colour Road opens up new worlds of experience and perspectives for all those who are looking for the latest trends in architecture and interior design. And who want to make sure that their new products and collections will be well received in the market.
    At presents its trend video for this year's motto TRAVELLING INTO NEW DIMENSIONS. For more information on the trend colours, the trend collages including explanatory YouTube videos and the Colour Road brochure are available for download. The Colour Road team is happy to offer more in-depth trend and colour consultancy on request and information adapted to the respective needs of the customer. Interested people can register now for an online trend presentation at

    The company

    The RENOLIT Group is a globally active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other polymer solutions. With more than thirty production sites and sales units in over twenty countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1,032 billion in fiscal year 2020, the company with headquarters in Worms – around 70 km south of Frankfurt-am-Main – is one of the world’s leading plastic products manufacturers. More than 4,800 employees continue to further develop the knowledge and expertise gained from seventy-five years of business.


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