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    From Nature to Glamour

    The new colours and woodgrains from RENOLIT welcome touch and interaction

    Worms, June 15th, 2020 – Matt finishes are very much on-trend right now, and can be found on domestic and office appliances, in automotive design, furniture and interior surfaces and in architectural and construction projects. RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt, which was launched in the spring of last year, is no exception. The profile film, which is based on RENOLIT EXOFOL PX, is enhanced by an additional PVDF layer, resulting in a particularly velvety, high-quality feel. This surface is in line with current aspirations for authenticity, with woodgrain designs barely distinguishable from genuine wood in terms of look and feel.


    Darker woodgrains

    New launches for 2020 include the two oak decors “Cinnamon Oak” and “Amaranth Oak”, whose appeal is particularly enhanced by the RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt emboss. These decors reflect the growing appetite for shades of brown in the ever-popular oak category and the overall trend for darker woodgrains. The reddish-brown Cinnamon Oak, with its subtle markings and uniform colour gradient, is one of the more serene examples of the species, whereas Amaranth Oak has a more rustic appearance with a lively interplay of colours and knotted detail. A subtly limed pore structure gives the decor a striking look whilst emphasising its characteristics of real wood.

    An interesting decor option is the black-brown "Truffle Oak". Available in RENOLIT EXOFOL PFX Super-Matt and RENOLIT EXOFOL PX product grades, its colour scheme is concurrent with the prevailing trend for grey and anthracite tones. "With these combinations, we are offering a broader scope for individualisation, whilst remaining in line with current trends” – Product Manager David Sagerer, explaining the rationale behind the new decor. 

    “Woodland Oak” is the ideal choice for those who prefer a more traditional, rustic woodgrain, whereas the reddish alder decor "Dark Alder", with its linear structure and subtle knot detail, is a more elegant alternative.


    New colours: pastel and brown tones

    In terms of solid colours, Ulti-Matt reflects the current appeal of high-quality surface textures. With its emphatically stylish emboss, the high-performance film provides an alternative to powder coating for PVC-profiles. There is also a leaning here towards more muted tones, which is reflected in three new shades of brown - from the dark reddish-brown "Sepia Brown" to the bold "Chocolate Brown" and the light "Fawn Brown". 

    Two new pastel shades, the greenish "Sage" and the grey/beige tone of "Claystone", reflect commitment yet restraint. Both colours contain a high grey content and have a decidedly neutral appearance. Sage has the velvety Ulti-Matt as its preferred surface texture, for Claystone the new TruGrain emboss. "Cathedral and knot detail confer a soft vitality to this pastel shade," according to Leon James, product manager at RENOLIT Cramlington, England.


    Glamorous black tones

    In contrast to these understated pastel tones, two new black shades "Noir" and "Iron Glimmer Black" exude a certain glamour, with metallic particles lending a subtle shimmer. This iron glimmer effect is now available from RENOLIT in five different colour shades.



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    The trend of oak decors continues unabated in exterior design.