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    Logo made from production waste: Employee and artist Andreas Kowalczyk presents RENOLIT a work of art for its anniversary

    Worms, October 4th, 2021 –  To mark this year's anniversary of RENOLIT, Andreas Kowalczyk, head of the calendering department at the Frankenthal production site, presented Chief Executive Officer Michael Kundel with a work of art showing the company's logo. 

    Andreas Kowalczyk creates works of art from production waste alongside his work. This year, he can look back on 40 years of working at RENOLIT. During his time at the company, he has increasingly developed a feeling for which residual materials are suitable for a work of art in order to create unique creations from them. 

    "Mr. Kowalczyk has produced something remarkable," said Michael Kundel, delighted with the work of art. "It is amazing how much creativity he has used to recreate our logo in such detail from production waste, while at the same time integrating our location and our anniversary," said the Chief Executive Officer. 

    In the future, the logo artwork will be displayed at the headquarters in Worms in the welcome area behind the reception desk.