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    55 apprentices and dual students start at RENOLIT

    Largest training year at RENOLIT so far / More and more female trainees also in the technical professions

    Worms, 1 September 2023 - Professional training at RENOLIT is more in demand than ever. 55 technical and commercial trainees and dual students began their training today. This is 32 percent more junior staff than in the previous year. And more and more women are choosing to work at RENOLIT.

    In the new training year, there are ten young female employees. They are also increasingly interested in technical training and subjects – for example, an apprenticeship as a machine and plant or the dual courses of study in plastics technology and electrical engineering. Seleyna Özcan has decided to train as a machine and plant operator. "I always wanted to do something technical. At RENOLIT I can fulfil my career aspirations. I'm really happy that I've been given this chance and I will do my best."

    The 2023 training year: Trainees and dual students at the RENOLIT sites in Worms and Frankenthal with their trainers.
    Seleyna Özcan, prospective machine and plant operator, is looking forward to her training at RENOLIT.

    Following the introductory days at the respective locations, the entire 2023 training year comes together at the "Welcome Days". RENOLIT invites all 55 trainees and dual students from the four locations in Germany to Altleiningen in the Palatinate. The young employees have the opportunity to get to know each other and work together in workshops, rallies and games in a playful way. In addition, RENOLIT  presents itself as a new employer and its training programme.

    "This year we were able to welcome our largest training cohort. More young people than ever before are completing their training or studies with us," explains Stefania Staikou, Director of Apprenticeship & Studies Germany at RENOLIT. "That makes us very happy, of course. I am proud that we are laying the foundation for a professional career for young people with an apprenticeship or degree programme with us."

    External internships - from nursing homes to the USA

    In its training, RENOLIT not only puts a lot of emphasis on the professional qualifications, but also on the personal development of the junior staff. On the one hand, the company again offers the young employees a social internship. All second-year apprentices and students at the Worms site, as well as some at the Munich and Waldkraiburg sites, complete a social internship. In autumn 2023, they will spend one week each working on site in a retirement or nursing home, a social service or in a hospital.

    On the other hand, there is also the option of a internship abroad for the junior staff. RENOLIT makes this possible for as many trainees and students. They can work for up to three months at a RENOLIT location abroad. Young people from the last training year were in the USA, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland and also Turkey. This way, the young people can get to know languages, cultures, plants, cities and countries through the job.

    "We are very aware of our social responsibility. We train young employees both professionally and socially. In this way, we promote personal development at all levels," explains Markus Blümle, General Manager Corporate Human Resources. "The social internship and the internship abroad leave a lasting mark on the young people. This is shown to us by the exciting and varied testimonials."

    Jobs for career start 2024 are already open

    Young people can find all the information they need about training and dual studies at RENOLIT on the RENOLIT careers website. They can already apply for technical or commercial apprenticeships or dual study places for 2024. Then RENOLIT will also train IT specialists for system integration (m/f/d) for the first time.