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    RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP is a proven speciality film which gives decoration to steel and aluminium surfaces in solid colours, metallic and wood designs. With a virtually infinite range of colours and a rich selection of embossing structures and gloss levels, this robust surface material provides a whole new world of design options. We produce these films with varying performance characteristics, depending upon application – and don’t forget that our quality is certified to meet all common international test standards.

    With RENOLIT Film Service decoration, renovation and modernisation is made easy. It provides training for the handling and application of self-adhesive RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP films with the opportunity to qualify as a certified RENOLIT Partner.

    With its IMO certification and wide choice of decors, RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL Ship is the ideal product for decorative surface design in ship interiors.

    Sample Ordering

    To order samples of RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP please click here


    The unique properties and its IMO certification make RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP the perfect product for the decorative finishing of ship interior surfaces.



    Easy to form

    Flame retardant

    Easy to clean

    Abraison resistant

    Light-fast and non-fading

    Chemical resistant

    Permanent emboss retention

    Wide range of design options

    Applications: shipbuilding
    Availability:  MTO
    Material: PVC
    Processing type: 2D steel-lamination, coil-coating, self-adhesive
    Properties: IMO certified, scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, malleable, flame-resistant, self-adhesively equippable
    Surface: steel, aluminium
    Appearance: wood and solid colours, fantasy designs
    Thickness: 0,15mm +/- 10%  
    Roll width:  up to 1.300 mm 
    Roll length: 500 linear meters, self-adhesive from minimum 50 linear metres
    Delivery: minimum 3,000 linear metres


    Info Materials

    Download icon RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP Self-Adhesive Brochure
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    315 KB
    Download icon BooQi Card RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    516 KB
    Download icon Product Description RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP - PDF, 114KB
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    159 KB


    Download icon PDFEC Type Examination (Module B) Certificate Solid Colours
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    276 KB
    Download icon PDFEC Type Examination (Module B) Certificate Printed Colours
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    278 KB
    Download icon Quality Assurance System Certificate RENOLIT ALKORFOL STEEL SHIP
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    103 KB
    Download icon Annex to QS Certificate No.19009 - Modul D
    application/pdf Document (pdf)
    47 KB

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

    Jürgen Hofmann, Area Sales Manager

    Phone:    +49.5222.636 412
    Fax:    +49.5222.636 414