RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is a reinforced membrane with the relief and appearance of ceramic mosaic inspired by Greek mythology.
    Necessarily thicker than a traditional membrane in order to achieve the relief, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is one of the most resistant, impermeable and lasting linings on the market.

    The three models take their names from 3 ancient Greek deities: 

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    No detached tiles or crumbling grouting!!

    2mm embossed pool liner simulating traditional mosaic tiles, but with the benefits of the reinforced membrane in terms of guaranteed waterproofing and low-maintenance.

    Ideal for new pools and for renovations!
    It is installed over the existing substrate in half of the time than other linings. It guarantees the watertightness for 10 years with minimal maintenance!

    With the most careful aesthetics and with many advantages over any existing pool liner in the market:

    Guaranteed watertight.

    Quick and easy installation compared to glass mosaic tiling.

    No fallen tiles or crumbling grout.

    Minimum maintenance.

    The 2mm thickness creates a more durable and resilient membrane.

    Easy to weld with an immaculate finish.