Press Release 28 01 2020


    Ultra-light and extremely weather-resistant, RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR is the ideal reliable and durable solution for fixing photovoltaic panels to any type of roof. 100% secure, hot air application and no additional ballast.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 28 January 2020 - Frequent extreme rainfall, which can cause flooding, hailstorms and strong winds, thus endangering public safety, has increased globally over the past 50 years. This has been revealed by a new study carried out by scholars from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) and the University of Bologna (Italy) and published in the Water Resources Research journal. Photovoltaic panels blown away by the wind, compromised water tightness, infiltrations and increased static load due to ballast are some indirect consequences that can only be solved by using a safe, top-quality fixing system.

    RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR offers reliable and durable installation for solar panels, on flat or sloping roofs, to provide a solution that is windproof, fully waterproof and strong yet light weight.

    RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR is a light yet strong system consisting of a synthetic profile and an aluminium core. Thanks to hot air welding, this profile can be fused homogeneously to the roofing membrane. A 100% secure wind and water tight basis for the installation of solar panels, without the slightest risk of perforating the roofing membrane and without any need of additional ballast. The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles distribute the weight of the PV system over the roof surface, which excludes point loading and consequently damage to the waterproofing. The system is perfectly suitable for new as well as existing PVC roofs. Besides, it is ideal as a carrier profile for fixing different aesthetic facade materials, such as wood or aluminium.

    RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR offers a unique solution, technically proven in every aspect and thus 100% safe. Wind tunnel tests carried out at the Von Karman Institute (VTI) in Belgium have shown that RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles can withstand up to 210 km/h gusts with no problem. What is more, in over a decade of use in the applications where it has been installed, it has never suffered wind damage.

    The simplicity of maintenance and repair completes the series of benefits offered by RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR. All the elements of the system are easy to access and, if the photovoltaic panels need to be replaced, intervention is quick and easy, with no risk to the membrane below.

    The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR pv fixing system for light, strong and totally reliable roofs, benefits from CSTB and ATEX technical approval, as well as an ETN validated by DEKRA Inspection. Its inclusion on the ACQ Liste Verte, or Green List, means it is the leading solar solution currently available on the PVC membrane market.

    The AQC Product Prevention Commission's trust confirms RENOLIT's position as a reference in the world of roofing and a leading player in the photovoltaic market.

    With over 10 years of experience in the solar energy sector, RENOLIT, with over 800,000 m² of photovoltaic panels installed, is proud to offer an effective and efficient product, offering the maximum possible safety, not just to buildings but to people too.