Press release 12 05 2020


    For every three rolls of RENOLIT ALKORSMART sold, the company plants a tree in Africa, Latin America or Asia. To date, 1,500 plants have already been planted by RENOLIT thanks to their collaboration with Treedom, the company that makes it possible to plant trees remotely and in doing so, contribute to safeguarding the planet.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 12 May 2020 – To grow forests and woods and thus help reduce CO2 emissions, in order to compensate for the environmental impact generated, albeit minimal: this is the aim of
    the Smart3 project developed by RENOLIT, a leading company in the roofing and waterproofing sector. Their collaboration with the Treedom platform allows them to finance the planting of trees around the world and combat deforestation.

    This is how the RENOLIT forest was born: for every three rolls (equal to 126 m2) of 1.2 mm thick RENOLIT ALKORSMART purchased, the company will plant a tree via the platform to support the fight against the greenhouse effect.

    The construction industry is responsible for around 36% of CO2 emissions and 40% of energy consumption in Europe. So, the future of the industry lies in efficiency: climate change, the ever-growing demand for natural resources and energy, and the awareness that there is no planet B, are prompting man to find increasingly efficient solutions and products. In its constant search for excellence, the RENOLIT R&D Department has created a revolutionary product for the roofing sector under the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN brand, to successfully offer the best performance with the minimum use of resources.

    RENOLIT ALKORSMART is a sustainable choice three times over.

    "Less resources": with just 1.2 mm, RENOLIT ALKORSMART provides water tightness, mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as energy savings, versatility, aesthetics and resistance to UV rays. So, as it successfully offers greater durability, despite being a thinner membrane, RENOLIT ALKORSMART is much more sustainable than any other synthetic covering. It offers a positive relationship between the resources used and the yield provided throughout its life cycle.

    "Less energy": an innovative feature of the RENOLIT ALKORSMART "cool colour roof" is its Solar Shield Technology. This revolutionary technology offers a high capacity to reflect solar radiation, thanks to the use of special pigments that make it possible to limit the energy needed for air conditioning.

    "More oxygen": the commitment made in creating this cutting-edge solution was still not enough for the company, RENOLIT wanted to go further and compensate for the environmental impact of the product, albeit already extremely limited. With the start of the Smart3 project, the purchase of RENOLIT ALKORSMART can now generate environmental benefits too, not to mention economic and social advantages that can support the development of the local populations involved.

    In fact, the chosen tree will be planted by farmers located in some of the world's poor countries, particularly in Africa, Latin America and Asia, who will take care of it and benefit from its fruits. Thanks to Smart3, many farmers will have the opportunity to receive funding to plant fruit trees or plants that are useful for the local ecosystem, to counter desertification or to be replanted following deforestation.

    RENOLIT has already planted 1,500 trees (avocado, grevillea, tephrosia, lemon, coffee, cocoa and neem) in five different countries (Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania and Ecuador).

    Following purchase, customers will be able to know exactly where their trees are and follow their story with constant images and updates. The RENOLIT forest can be monitored at, thanks to the geolocation and images of each individual tree. Finally, all those who choose RENOLIT ALKORSMART will be given a certificate with the amount of CO2 that each one has helped absorb.